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Our intuitive grant management software allows you to run the full lifecycle of your grant’s program. Easily create and manage workflows, develop applications and forms, as well as pull ad-hoc reports. GrantsConnect’s user-friendly functionality gives you what you need when you need it, and how you need it. Built to be flexible, the platform can support programs of all shapes and size. No matter the complexity – from simple review to scored branched workflows – GrantsConnect has you covered.

Make the application process easy for all!

Make the application process easy to create, manage, and use. Pre-qualification surveys and the ability to make your programs invite-only help focus the number and quality of applications. Our custom form builder makes getting all the information you need exact and easy.

Settings that set you up for success

With a wide range of user-based permissions, our grantmaking software helps you simplify & organize the review process. Create role-based access, automated workflows, and drive collaboration between reviewers.

Centralized communication

Communicate with applicants with ease. GrantsConnect is inclusive of tools to email applicants, track your relationships, and create & manage custom document templates. Get all the information you need at your fingertips.

Intuitive and efficient budgeting and award tools

Our budgeting tools allow you to track and manage against different budgets and different budget types like a pro. With flexible payment options and integrations to AP systems, awarding funding has never been easier.

Refined reporting and impactful insights

Your organization is making an impact- let’s tell the story! With a robust set of reporting functionality, drill down into your data better with dashboards and pre-built reports. We take you beyond calculating outputs and help you capture outcomes and impact measurements.

SDG Insights – Measure Outcomes – Ad-Hoc Report Builder – Integrated CSRconnect Reporting 

Go Global

Global capabilities include custom form translation, automatic currency conversion, and a database of over 8 Million global Nonprofit organizations. Explore a world of possibilities and impact.

A fully integrated solution

Coupled with the CSRconnect employee engagement platform, we offer a truly consolidated one-stop-shop. Make more informed decisions on grant applicants by quickly seeing their relationship to your organization. Search for the nonprofit applicant and see your organization’s and your employees’ giving and volunteering history with it to understand the true scope of support.

More than impact reporting

Our corporate grantmaking software includes our powerful ad-hoc reporting manager, allowing you to drill down to the most granular data and create visually engaging charts and dashboards. Automated NPO reports make it easy for grantees to report on outcomes in the same place they’re already going to access donor details and manage volunteer initiatives.

“Our Customer Support Manager always responds to emails promptly and usually with the answer or solution to the inquiry. He is always informative, courteous, patient, and when he doesn’t know the answer he quickly finds it.”

-Mercy Gary Senior Community Relations Specialist, AMN Healthcare

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