Privacy Policy

YourCause takes all necessary actions to protect the information and data shared through the products and services provided to clients and users alike, including CSRconnect and Coupled with additional policies, which are also published to the public, the following policy covers the privacy policies and terms of use.


EU-US Privacy Shield

YourCause has certified that it adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles of Notice, Choice, Accountability for Onward Transfer, Security, Data Integrity and Purpose Limitation, Access, and Correction, Enforcement and Dispute Resolution.


PCI Certificate

To minimize any risk of our customers’ data, we conduct all vulnerability testing on a quarterly basis by using independent security researchers. Keeping our customers’ data secure is our number-one priority and any possibility of potential violations are reported to us.


Intrusion Detection System

To protect our network, data and system’s integrity, YourCause uses Alert Logic Threat Manager to assess any possible vulnerabilities and/or threats of intrusion. In this age, you cannot always protect data from outside intruders with just a password and firewall, so we amp our security measurements by using an Intrusion Detection System to locate and terminate any malicious activity.


Information Security Policy

Our security policy protects people and information by setting the rules for expected behavior from our users, system administrators, management and security personnel. That being said, each employee of YourCause has signed and agreed to the following policy to help minimize risk and track compliance with regulations and legislation.


Information Sensitivity Policy

The Information Sensitivity Policy helps YourCause employees determine what information is allowed to be disclosed to non-employees, as well as the relative sensitivity of information that should not be disclosed outside of YourCause without proper authorization.


Ethics Policy

The YourCause Ethics Policy reflects the high standard of business conduct that represents the hallmark of our organization. Our Ethics Policy affirms our commitment to not merely obeying the law, but also to conduct our business with integrity and without deception.