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With CSRconnect, create a company culture of giving back through a wide range of features that goes beyond the basics of transactional giving and volunteering programs.

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Powering your Purpose

Beyond the Basics

Intuitive, easy to use software that keeps employees engaged in your CSR efforts and coming back for more.

Flexible Functionality 

From Fortune 500 to Small and mid-sized businesses, our flexible technology lets you build a program to your unique needs.

Global by Design

Connect you company culture across borders with our extensive international nonprofit database and robust global feature-set.

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More than a Platform

Stay up to date on product innovation, industry insights, and your peers through our Customer Success, Product Adoption and Thought-Leadership teams.

Power employee giving programs of all shapes and sizes

Disaster relief, seasonal campaigns, year-round giving, matching gifts, peer-to-peer fundraising and more, it’s all possible with CSRconnect. Leverage our reliable payment distribution services, robust ad-hoc reporting tools and configure the functionality of the platform to manage your employee giving program with ease. Empower employees to build connections and support their favorite cause!

Give employees options when it comes to giving. Donation methods include:

Log offline donations Payroll Giving, one-time & recurring
Credit Card Giving, Apple Pay Dollars for Doers
Company Matching Gifts Incentives, Cause Cards
170+ currencies are recognized, and segmentation allows programs to align messaging, language settings and currencies available for different regions. We partner with organizations across the globe for in-country processing.

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Make campaign season easy. With experienced Customer Success staff and specialized functionality, make your next giving campaign a huge success.  

You can also keep the program open year-round for employees to make donations anytime. Launch the most effective giving model for your workforce or choose a hybrid model. 

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Respond to disasters quickly by leveraging engagement elements, splash modules, and highlight nonprofits responding to disasters around the world.

Our Customer Success team puts together a toolkit so clients can quickly and easily launch a disaster response campaign should a disaster strike. Our clients can activate employee participation through Engagement Elements and the disaster response toolkit provided for each major event. Clients receive email notifications of each new toolkit that is available and the toolkits are archived in the resource center. 

Watch a short video of how to utilize engagement elements for disaster response and checkout this blog: Role of Corporate Social Responsibility During Disaster Response

Since 2015 the Industry Review has provided companies insight into employee engagement and social responsibility. The 2021 Industry Report consolidates data collected from over 280 clients and over 7.2 million employees from Jan. – Dec. 2020.

$1,248 – Average annual gift including company match dollars. 

43.7% – Companies funded almost half of the total donation amount through matching gifts, incentives, dollars for doers and cause cards. 

51.2% – Over half of companies evaluated within this report covered credit card fees on donations made through CSRconnect which allowed for $1.59 million in additional funds to be sent to nonprofits. 

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Track and record your collective impact from employee volunteering

Manage one-off volunteer events, global volunteer campaigns or custom skills-based volunteer projects all with one platform.

Easily create and manage volunteer events with a wide range of functionality, including the ability to include disclaimers, forms, and use custom questions to collect information like t-shirt size and food allergies.

Our volunteer functionality makes it easy to set up volunteer campaigns too. From a day, week, or month of service, create a volunteer campaign that is easy for your employees to engage in and easy for you to report on.

Empower employees to log their individual volunteering efforts in the system. Employees can easily log and track recurring events, and tie back volunteering with board service.

With our Projects feature, recruit, engage, and track employee participation in more long-term & skills-based events. Employees can even fill out their Skills Profile to match their skillset to Project needs!  


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about measuring the impact of skills-based volunteerism

Gamify volunteering and increase engagement with our Incentives functionality. Reward volunteering with Dollars-For-Doers and Volunteer-Time-Off with the ability to automate or approve incentives as they are earned.

Learn more about using incentives to increase engagement in our whitepaper: Elevating Your Employees as Your Number One Stakeholder 

Since 2015 the Industry Review has provided companies insight into employee engagement and social responsibility. The 2022 Industry Report consolidates data collected from over 380 clients and over 7.6 million employees from Jan. – Dec. 2021. Findings in this report are from a subset of the entire client and employee population.

6.3 million hrs – Over 6.3 million volunteer hours from employees at companies evaluated in the report

72% – of volunteer hours were in-person. The report includes a break down of virtual vs. in-person volunteer hours by enterprise size and industry

7% – Volunteering engagement rate for companies using Resource Groups. This rate was 3% higher than companies not using Resource Groups in CSRconnect

Check out the 10th Annual CSR Industry Report for more data.

Product Update Briefing: Oct. 19 -20, following bbcon

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Check back after the October Product Innovation Session for the highlight document. 

CSRconnect Beyond the Basics

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mobile csr software

Do good anywhere, anytime.

Our CSR software is designed to meet the needs of a modern workforce. Our technology seamlessly integrates with Single-Sign-On, making access easy and intuitive for your employees. In addition to SSO, we have Basic Authentication and Domain Based Authentication sign-in methods to accommodate the unique needs of different organizations.

We have a range of clients in industries with employees that aren’t typically in front of a desk like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Food & Beverage. We’ve built CSRconnect to be completely mobile responsive so that your employees have access to your social good programs at all times.

Beyond the Basics

CSRconnect takes you beyond just Employee Giving and Employee Volunteering programs. Designed with employee engagement in mind, clients can take advantage of functionality like Virtual Groups or Engagement Elements features to enhance the employee experience with CSR programs.

Virtual Employee Groups

Virtual Groups are highly configurable and offer clients a unique place where employees can collaborate and support a wide range of initiatives in the community and across the company. Clients can use Virtual Groups to:

  • Connect employees to employee resource groups, location-based groups, or cause/interest-based groups.
  • Integrate Diversity & Inclusion and Health & Wellness Initiatives
  • Streamline Resource & Collaboration for you CSR Coordinators and Ambassadors

Engagement Elements

Customizable tiles on CSRconnect’s home page that can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Running Disaster Relief Campaigns
  • Promoting Volunteering & Giving Campaigns
  • Highlight Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability and Health and Wellness Initiatives
  • Sharing program resources and training material
  • Collecting social good stories from employees with embedded surveys
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Insights to Drive Impact

We understand that data gives you the insights you need to drive impact forward and make strategic decisions about your programs. CSRconnect includes several different reporting methods, including:

  • Ad-hoc Report Manager – Create data visualizations and drag and drop reports with our powerful Ad-Hoc reporting tool
  • Standard CSRconnect Reports – Our standard reports can be accessed 24/7 with ease.
  • Insights Dashboard, Data Feeds, Public Reporting Tools

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