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At YourCause, we work hard to cultivate an environment that allows our talented team to thrive, have fun, and do their best work. YourCause promotes an inclusive and diverse environment, encouraging team members to bring their whole self to work. We’re focused on building strong teams filled with individuals who are passionate about doing good and building the best enterprise CSR technology on the market. That’s why we go above and beyond to support our clients through training, resources, and successful growth. Our partnership mentality allows YourCause to operate under a transparent model that facilitates real change in everything we do.

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Meet Our Team


Leading us fearlessly into the world of philanthropic technology, the management team sets the course of YourCause by utilizing their diverse experiences as their guide.


Building relationships and creating connections is the mantra of this crew. YourCause’s partnership approach shines with the Sales team.


Building our products, this team translates ideas to tangible product. Incredibly creative and unflinchingly realistic, the product team builds the software of the future.

Account Management

We don’t throw you to the wolves. Our Account Managers are here to ensure client success. They are CSR experts who provide the guidance and assistance needed to glean the Return on Investment from YourCause.


Our processing team efficiently ensures every cent transacted through YourCause reaches its intended destination. They have meticulous and analytical minds that find solutions to your processing questions.  

Customer Advocacy

The front lines of YourCause’s success. With satisfaction numbers off the charts, this team stops at nothing to deliver world class service to each of our customers in need.

Engineering Team

The builders and architects of YourCause. Insanely knowledgeable and constantly striving to create efficiencies and construct an exceptional platform.

We Have A Lot to Say!

We’re passionate about CSR, and we’ve written recent blogs, infographics and white papers to share CSR information and best practices with you! Take a look at our resources.

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