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The Blackbaud Community 

An online peer-to-peer site designed to help clients, YourCause staff and partners learn, engage and connect with one another. This online hub hosts a community for each YourCause product, with a discussion forum, calendar of events, latest news and a resource center. 

If you are a current client that wants access to this community, please talk to your customer success manager about getting an invitation to join. 

Client Groups

We take client feedback seriously. We have several groups that we utilize to empower clients to deliver that feedback, such as our Customer Advisory Board, our Product Advisory Council, and additional Client user & focus groups.

Product Discovery Program

Discovery is our learning process. It allows us the opportunity to learn what problems we can solve for our customers and their users. This is the place where our customer’s voices can be heard. With their help, we can develop better solutions that enable them to focus on running their CSR programs.

Blackbaud engages with Discovery participants across a broad range of ideas, opportunities, and problem-solving projects. This may involve participating in interviews, giving feedback to our teams, or getting hands-on interaction with solutions or new features during the product development process. 

“Both our Customer Support Manager and the engineering department are constantly taking our advice into consideration and always making changes to create a better product for the client. Blackbaud’s YourCause is such a client and product-focused company. I LOVE working with you all.”

-Abby Hein, Community Manager, Epic Promise Employee Foundation

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Product Release Notes

Monthly innovation updates for CSRconnect and GrantsConnect.

What You’ll Find:

  • Latest improvements, security updates, or other additional information about the product update

Tutorial Library 

Product specific library of knowledge base articles for each feature, how-to guides, video tutorials and FAQs

Experts Supporting Your Journey 

You’ll be equipped with a team of experts that will help maximize the use of the platform, from planning your launch to continued platform consultation to help you grow and scale your programs.

With 12+ years under our belts we’ve created products and processes to make administering CSR programs easier. Some of the services we offer to help increase the efficiency of running your programs include:

  • Ongoing success planning
  • Project planning and tracking
  • Ongoing and/or ad-hoc call check-ins and meeting syncs
  • High-touch servicing models to make strategic recommendations for your  smaller and larger initiatives.

Our customer success team has spent time curating toolkits for employee engagement that align with special causes throughout the year. These ideas stem from the support they have provided our clients over the years from seeing what has worked to drive engagement. Clients have access to these toolkits for different giving and service days like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, World Wildlife Day, Giving Tuesday etc. Clients receive an announcement of the latest toolkit available to them in the resource center. 

This is another program resource similar to giving and service days. Our Customer Success team puts together a toolkit so clients can quickly and easily launch a disaster response campaign should a disaster strike. Our clients can activate employee participation through Engagement Elements and the disaster response toolkit provided for each major event. Clients receive email notifications of each new toolkit that is available and the toolkits are archived in the resource center. 

Research and data back up our Corporate Social Responsibility resources. We provide whitepapers, articles, case studies, podcasts and reports for CSR professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and insights in the industry.

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Monthly Client Workshops

Our monthly workshops are led by our product gurus and clients and are designed specifically for our clients to master all things CSRconnect, GrantsConnect, as well as to connect directly with our leadership team.

Product Update Briefings 

The Blackbaud Product Update Briefings (PUBs) are a virtual conference that we host twice a year. These showcase recent product innovations and the future roadmap direction of our software solutions.

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Following the PUBs are the Product Enablement Sessions designed by our customer success team to help you get the most out of the latest features and innovations to start implementing new efficiencies.


Webinars, Conferences and other Events 

We host virtual and in-person events including client meetups, our annual bbcon conference and thought leadership webinars. We also support and participate in CSR industry conferences. Find YourCause from Blackbaud at these upcoming events:

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