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We are proud to support over 500 organizations of all sizes, powering their CSR efforts and connecting them to each other.


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Beyond basic support, our team is here to connect you with a network of best practices & thought-leadership. We are fortunate to have industry partners and a client base that are collaborative and eager to share ideas.

“The way our Customer Success Manager is able to recommend ideas based on how well she knows our programs at what we at RSM try to do as a firm makes her an invaluable asset for us.”

-Bailey Kosiek, Stewardship Senior Associate, RSM

Committed to Every Relationship

Our customer support staff provides our customers with partnership, industry knowledge, and support. Because of this, we survey our customers on many facets of their relationship, partnership, and all-around excitement to work with our customer support team regularly.

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In 2020 alone, over 100 product requests from our clients were incorporated into our product development.

Powering Purpose, Influencing Impact

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Our Guiding Principles

With our best-in-class Customer Success Team, you can expect top-knotch support for your program administrators, employees, and nonprofit partners using our products.


We are your trusted advisors in social impact technology. We work to support you across every part of your customer journey. Throughout your journey, you’ll be equipped with a team of experts that will help you maximize the use of your platform and ensure your success. Examples of some of these expert services include Giving & Volunteering campaign launch planning, Disaster Relief set-up and recovery resources, and continued platform consultation to help you grow and scale your programs.


With 12+ years under our belts and a Global Good Network of over 500 clients, we’ve created products and processes to make administering CSR programs easier. Some of the services we offer to help increase the efficiency of running your programs include ongoing success planning including project planning and tracking, ongoing and/or ad-hoc call check-ins and meeting syncs, and high-touch servicing models to make strategic recommendations for your smaller and larger initiatives.


Across everything we do, our main goal is to drive value with your investment and make you & CSR initiatives successful. The Customer Success Team is a collaborative group of professionals who are constantly sharing best practices and innovating with clients on how to take their programs and our products to the next level. Our team of subject matter experts provides services to drive your success like Executive Business Reviews, Trainings via documentation, videos, webinars, and in-person sessions, and Industry Benchmarks and insights.


If there’s one thing that unites us as a team and as partners with our clients, it’s our shared desire to make the world a better place. You’ll find that in every part of the business, we are extremely passionate about the work that we do, and we love to have fun while doing it! We hope you’ll come to view us not only as your partner in success, but as peers and friends who share a desire to expand the success and accessibility of corporate social responsibility programs. We believe in collective impact and moving the needle forward, together

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