In today’s CSR landscape, there are a multitude of ways to engage employees. Moments that Matter give companies the chance to align activations to employee and community interests, showing that they care about topics and events that their stakeholders care about.

Get more data on the power of purpose driven work or read our building the business case series.


of employees believe businesses should benefit all stakeholders not just shareholders. 


of employees are more likely to work for a company that stands up for environmental and social issues


of employees are more likely to recommend their employer if they work for a company with strong purpose 

Framework for Getting Started 

Moments that Matter can really be any point or period in time that has a centralized topic. From Giving Tuesday, to Earth Day and Black History Month, these events can help catalyze employee engagement and demonstrate your company’s commitment to giving back and creating a more equitable, sustainable world for us all. These Moments can be holidays, days of recognition or remembrance, celebratory occasions, or even quickly rallying employees and/or external participants around disaster relief efforts.

This framework is meant to be a starting place for anyone interested in activating around a Moment that Matters. We’ll cover ideas around what it takes to Educate, Collaborate, Elevate, Communicate, and Activate a moment at your organization.  

Programs for Disaster Relief 

Our customer success team provides standard design support and resources for quickly launching a program to support disasters. The standard design support includes the content needed to launch a Standard Engagement Element in CSRconnect

Splash Page copy and images for the Engagement Element

A list of organizations supporting the cause including the EIN number and YC Charity ID as well as a link to the charity website.

*Organizations are curated for CSR admins to review and verify they meet internal guidelines before highlighting them in CSRconnect.

Programs for Giving and Service Days 

Similar to disaster relief support our customer success team provides program resources for activating employee participation and advocating for philanthropic giving and service days throughout the year. The standard design support for giving and service days includes:

Splash page copy and images with a creative commons license for launching a Standard Engagement Element in CSRconnect
Ideas for how to engage your employees with links to special events, and educational resources
Tips for how to search for nonprofit organizations that align with the cause + a list of keywords to use in our Keyword Search Banner

Program resources for disaster relief or philanthropic holidays are accessible via The Blackbaud Community. If you are a current YourCause client, contact your customer success manager for the invite link to join the Blackbaud Community.

What to Do Before, During and After Your Campaign

To make it even easier to prepare to a big campaign around a moment that matters, we’ve crafted a checklist of things you can consider in the months or weeks leading up to the kickoff.

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