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NPOconnect is a free portal that nonprofits can use to create their charity profile. Creating a profile will make it easier for you to receive and manage your donations and volunteer opportunities for companies and their millions of employees. Sign up for free today! 

Access the benefits of the Global Good Network™ by joining over 500 organizations who are active participants in social good. The NPOconnect platform connects your nonprofit to the Global Good Network™ spanning millions of employees and grantmakers who use CSRconnect and GrantsConnects products.

To the right you’ll see a glimpse of our new public search feature. This feature gives you the ability to search for a nonprofit in NPOconnect without signing into the platform, providing you visibility into the nonprofit’s full profile and giving eligibility.
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Benefits of the NPOconnect System

Get Payments Faster – Did you know you can register for ACH for free in NPOconnect? Registering for ACH will enable your organization to receive donations electronically, up to 3 weeks quicker than by check. 

Boost your Image – Your NPOconnect profile allows you to clearly communicate your organization’s presence, mission, and goals. Update your logo, search tags, website, address and more through your profile. 

Workspace: Get a quick overview of recent donations, pending donations, and gift verifications all in one view. 

Dashboard Visibility – Insights at your fingertips about your organization’s history of donations from our Global Good Network™.

Stay up to date- Notifications emails keep you informed of any important actions you need to take, including verifying donations and hours to unlock additional corporate matches. 

Connect to the Global Goals

Did you know that over 35% of Fortune 500 companies have aligned their social good programs to specific Sustainable Development Goals? 

CSR Alignment with the SDGs


of companies in the 2019 PwC Reporting Challenge mentioned the SDGs in their reporting. PwC explored over 1000 reports.


of giving corporations are aware of the SDGs. The SDGs continue to gain popularity with CSR initiatives.

The Global Goals Gateway

In NPOconnect, your organization can align itself to SDGs through our Global Goals Gateway. By filling out your Global Goals, your organization will populate in searches where companies and their employees are filtering donation and volunteering opportunities by SDGs.
YourCause believes strongly in the collaborative effort of the Global Goals, and with your help, we can achieve real progress by 2030. If you are a nonprofit, sign in to NPOConnect to declare your organization’s support for the Global Goals now!

The 17 Global Goals

The Global Goals are philanthropic targets agreed upon by the United Nations in 2016 to be achieved by the year 2030. They paint a picture of a better world by being specific, actionable, and relevant. All are achievable with the participation of nonprofits, donors, volunteers, companies, and employees from around the world.

If there is a specific goal that speaks to you or your company, take action.  Check out the Global Goals resource center which includes media assets to share your support for specific goals. Please help spread the word for the Global Goals at your organization.