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We want to connect nonprofits to our corporate partners. If you are wondering why you received a check from YourCause or simply want to learn more about registering in our platform, get all your answers now? Otherwise, jump into the platform.

Connect Millions of Corporate Donors to Your Nonprofit

Access the benefits of connecting with our enterprise clients and the millions of employees within YourCause’s Global Good NetworkTM. Create a free nonprofit charity profile within our NPOconnect Nonprofit Portal. Once your profile is verified, your charity will be accessible to our network of corporations and the millions of individuals they employ.  

Benefits of Our Portal

  • Workspace: Gain quick access to recent donations, pending donations, and gift verifications
  • Dashboard Visibility: Receive insights into our networks donation history and corporate giving trends.
  • My Nonprofits: Simplified management of multiple organizations and/or chapters under your nonprofit’s umbrella
  • Notifications: Stay informed with intuitive platform and e-mail notifications
  • ACH: Streamlined the donation process by registering for ACH entirely from within the platform.

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Our Role in IMPACT 2030 and the Global Goals

We’re building tools to enable more people to support the global goals. The first is our Global Goals Gateway, which allows your nonprofit to document which global goal your organization contributes towards. This data will be used in the future to help people find nonprofits that align with their personal contributions.

The Global Goals

What is YourCause Doing?

We’re building tools to help our network align their efforts towards the Global Goals. We believe in IMPACT 2030, and we’re creating resources to do our part to build a better world.

The Global Goals Gateway

Nonprofits can declare which goals and targets they support. This allows individuals and companies to support charities based on the global goals with which they most align. Learn more