CSRconnect’s Donation Manager provides a solution to securely facilitate giving programs within an exclusive community. Each user is provided the tools they need to fully engage and manage their preferred charities and monitor their own progress and activities. All features for the Donation Manager are configurable and clients can select the features best suited for their programs.

  • computersYear-Round Giving Types – At any time, users can easily donate via one-time or recurring payroll deductions, credit card and PayPal, or record an offline donation (i.e. a donation made directly to a charity). Flexible year-round giving options enables users to give when it’s convenient for them, and in a way they are most comfortable.
  • Matching Gifts – The CSRconnect platform enables clients to facilitate matching gifts in a more automated and efficient manner. We offer matching for credit card, payroll, PayPal, offline donations and pledge campaign donations. Clients can easily setup one or multiple match programs that are specific to a giving type (i.e. credit card), employee type (i.e. retiree), program (i.e. disaster match), and more.
  • Donation History – CSRconnect’s Donation History allows users to access their personal giving history through a user friendly dashboard. At any time, users can view all pending or processed donations and matching funds, check on the status of their donations, or export their yearly donation history for their personal records. Users can also access a high level view of active matching programs and how many remaining match dollars they have for the year.
  • Disaster Campaigns – Campaigns provide a fast, easy and effective disaster relief solution. This feature enables clients to execute disaster response quickly and maximize credit card donations within the peak of breaking news.
  • Corporate Campaigns – Clients can create credit card campaigns to support charity partners and organizations for a designated cause. This feature would enable clients to create one or multiple credit card campaigns for specific organizations or causes.
  • Pledge Campaigns – CSRconnect supports an annual pledge campaign via credit card, payroll, checks and offline donations. Clients can enable their employees to donate year-round and/or through a yearly pledge campaign, and control access to specific types of giving (i.e. allowing employees to donate via credit card year-round and only payroll deductions during the pledge campaign).
  • Additional Management Tools – In addition to the features mentioned above, clients also have the ability to setup a pledge matching program and view campaign reports to track and measure their progress throughout the campaign. YourCause also allows clients to manage the look and feel of the pledge campaign through a promotional banner and customizable messaging, including an automated pledge submission email.