Employee Giving Guide

We’ve been helping companies set up their employee giving programs since 2007 (when this industry first started going online). This post shares the tools and strategies that we’ve learned along the way. Whether you’re completely new to employee giving, or an industry veteran, this guide will have info to help you make the largest impact possible. Use these links to jump to the section you’re interested in.

Benefits of Employee Giving

A good place to start is answering the question, “What is employee giving?”

Today’s companies use their resources to give back to their communities, while both encouraging and empowering their employees to do the same. Employee giving (also called workplace giving), along with employee volunteering and grants, are vital elements of an organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts.

In addition to the social good impact, CSR also provides tangible benefits to a company and its employees.

Simply put, employee giving is the donations made by a company and its employees to nonprofit organizations.

Increased employee happiness and retention

Providing employees the opportunity to engage with their philanthropic passions reduces employee turnover. In fact, employees who are engaged in corporate philanthropy are 32% less likely to leave the company compared to their unengaged counterparts. This is huge!

This retention has massive benefits for an organization, especially the HR department who site employee turnover as the most challenging part of their position.

Keep your top talent longer to reduce the impact on the bottom line.

Future proofing

Employees expect more from their employer than ever before.