10 Stats Every CSR Professional Should Know (Infographic)

Cassandra Bennett July 18, 2017 Employee Engagement

We have compiled the 10 most relevant CSR stats in this Infographic.

We used data from our clients and combined it with top CSR Industry Reports to provide a snapshot of the CSR landscape. This information will give you a baseline for your company and provide data that you can take action on today!

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Infographic displaying top 10 CSR statistics


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10 CSR Stats

Here are the statistics transcribed for you:


81% – Companies who define CSR PARTICIPATION by giving at least $1 or 1 hour of time.


34% – Overall GIVING participation.


17% – Overall VOLUNTEERING participation rate.


27% – YourCause clients who offer YEAR-ROUND GIVING programs.


79% – DISASTER RELIEF donors who are first time donors.


41% – INTERNATIONAL program growth year-over-year.


66% – Global consumers who will pay more for SUSTAINABLE GOODS.


13% – Productivity increase that CSR ENGAGEMENT has on employees.


50% – Reduction in EMPLOYEE TURNOVER when employees are engaged in CSR programs.


75% – MILLENIALS who say they would take a pay cut to work for a responsible company.


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