YourCause Gives Thanks This Holiday Season

Patricia Heatherington December 11, 2015 About YourCause

This holiday season, YourCause employees were tasked with a simple mission: to say Thank You.

Many of you may have heard of our 100 in 100, when YourCause employees are divided into teams and given $100 to make an impact in 100 minutes. This year saw a variation of this tradition. The impact we were asked to make was also to come from a personal place, and without a given time limit. Who – or what – in our lives did we want to thank?


YourCause employees are a generous and creative bunch, so when we were tasked with making an impact, I was pretty excited to see what my co-workers would come up with. Our teams came up with a variation between truly personal actions and larger activities stemming from that.

I’ll begin with my team, where we asked ourselves what we were thankful for. Once we identified similarities among us, feeling grateful for our education and for the rescue animals in our lives, we donated needed school and office supplies to a local junior high and animal shelter. We also wrote (yes, with pen and paper!) personal thank you cards to one or more individuals in our lives. We were not alone in our approach, and other nearby schools received donations. There were also many handwritten thank you cards that day, to members of the military, other colleagues and family members.

What also really excited me was seeing the ways that my colleagues interpreted this task. If the idea was to make in impact from a personal gratitude standpoint, how about spreading that grateful feeling? Some of our teams encouraged others to think about the things for which they were grateful, spreading that warm feeling that comes with gratitude, and each in a different way.

To engage the community, one team took sidewalk chalk to a popular nearby park and invited passersby to answer the question with the chalk left behind. I visited this park a few days later it was inspiring to see the chalk writing still there and how the responses had grown! There was a plethora of answers, ranging from family, police, clean water, freedom, and health, to the somewhat “light” answers that genuinely bring smiles to people’s faces like puppies and cookies. And Batman.

Embracing the power of social media, another team asked random people to write out what they were thankful to then take a picture with their sign. As an added bonus, those participants then received a small coffeehouse gift card as that team’s way of saying thank you for your time and for sharing.

I am now thanking you, reader, for your time. And to ask you, what are you thankful for this holiday season?

Check out #YCThanks on Twitter and Instagram to see more of what we did, and let us know what you’re thankful for this holiday season.12331838_1669768779957592_1699662476_n