YourCause Global Good Network Collaborates, Innovates, and Celebrates at the 7th CSRworks Annual Industry Summit

Cassandra Bennett April 13, 2017 News

YourCause, LLC, the industry leader in employee and nonprofit philanthropic solutions, brings together corporate partners and employee engagement practitioners for its largest ever CSRworks conference. In its 7th year, this free, invite-only conference facilitates strategic conversations in employee engagement and corporate philanthropy, providing attendees with a two-day experience immersing them in innovative, challenging, data-driven discussions, peer-to-peer workshops, and other tactical sessions. This year YourCause hosts the conference at an intimate setting, at the Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve, while the second day will be at the YourCause headquarters in Plano, TX.

“We are honored to host our growing client base for the seventh year. It is a privilege to participate in the discussions that our clients will have amongst themselves, but also with our team over the next two days. In so many ways, it is events like our conferences (and our quarterly office hours) that are key towards the ongoing strategic direction and overall growth of our industry as a whole,” said Matt Combs, Founder and CEO.

By personally inviting attendees, the conference encourages genuine discussion and maximizes knowledge sharing to provide actionable takeaways, which makes CSRworks one of the most valued events in the corporate philanthropy and employee engagement space. The agenda is designed to break away from the norm of case studies and motivational keynotes. It instead encourages peer-to-peer collaboration through sessions led by CSR professionals, some who have seen more than 60% growth in engagement in their programs, and interactive innovation challenges facilitated by executive leaders from YourCause and industry leaders. The conference also gives attendees and prospective clients the unique opportunity to receive a first look at future product plans and newly released platform enhancements developed in partnership with the YourCause Global Good Network.

CSRworks’ unique approach in conference programming has proven to be a motivational and educational experience for the many CSR professionals who have attended over the last 7 years. This year’s focus on some of the industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities such as the United Sustainable Development Goals, Impact 2030, skills and interest-based volunteerism, and globalization promises to arm attendees with immediate takeaways, new ideas, and a peer group committed to helping each other once the sessions wrap up.

CSRworks is an invitation-only event. If you are interested in receiving an invitation for our 2018 event or the YourCause Industry Report, contact Cassandra Bennett at