YourCause and Mine: How YourCause Shaped My Career

Hailey McNutt July 22, 2016 About YourCause

After working at YourCause for the past 10 months, I am now pursuing a degree in Social Work to become a mental health counselor. While working on the Program Services Team at YourCause, I helped thousands of nonprofit organizations understand the donations provided, and furthered their missions through customer service and technical advice.

At the YourCause office.

Now that I have spent so much time in the social sector, I will continue my love of social justice that began years ago in college.

Before YourCause

In school, I studied how communication is shared when people choose to express a common human experience with one another. As humans, we make decisions based on what advice is given, what intuition speaks to us, or what we hear in the media. Stories are what bind and motivate us, and it is this connection that makes societies stronger.

In 2014, to further my understanding of connection as well as social justice, I interned with the United States Senate in Washington, DC. During my four months in the city, I networked with several international nonprofits and researched statistics about human trafficking for a bill that Senator Cornyn was writing at the time. I learned how to acquire adequate funding for charities, and how volunteering and community development empowers social welfare. My love of nonprofit development was sparked.

When I returned from DC, I interned with World Relief Fort Worth, a refugee resettlement agency in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I took clients to doctor’s appointments, counseling sessions, and spent many hours visiting with refugees from Iraq, Myanmar, and Afghanistan. This experience gave me a firsthand look at how warfare affects the mental wellbeing of an individual. My drive for social work is fueled by the passion to help alleviate these social issues and bring comfort to those who are hurting the most.

The YourCause Difference

After graduation, it was an easy decision to choose YourCause as my first step on my path towards change in the social welfare sphere. YourCause is an amazing company that connects corporations with the nonprofits that desperately need their help. As a team, we work together to find nonprofits that influence the world and foster connections in order to advance their goals through employee engagement. I am lucky to be in the front lines of one of the fastest growing tech companies of its kind, striving to help organizations gain volunteers and donations every day in order to advance their causes. I’ve had the chance to help build amazing software tools that further nonprofit development, as well as watch our company rise into a successful platform by our outstanding customer service, our innovative technical solutions, and our dynamic company culture. YourCause has been an incredible influence on not only my development as a young social worker, but as a young professional as well.


The Program Services Team


Moving Forward with My Cause

In the past year, I’ve realized how community development and mental health are linked. My own personal experience made the struggle of mental illness incredibly real. Due to family members fighting battles against depression, anxiety and addiction, I became interested in helping them rise above the pain and self-destructive behaviors. As I learned more about behavioral therapy, my passion for social welfare only grew.

Working with several different charities at YourCause, I also had a front row seat to watch several organizations help alleviate depression and anxiety in their own unique ways. These organizations not only seek treatment for struggles and hurts, but empower our culture by using their unique voice in a sea of society and calling out the injustices and hardships that impact our world. Being able to help them receive donations has empowered me personally, and shown me how the simple act of giving can change our entire society. It is in our passion for social welfare and community development that we, as a team, can see the inconsistencies in the world and see how change begins.

Now, I am getting my Masters of Social Work to become a mental health counselor and aid the individuals around me struggling with addiction and mental illness. Thanks to YourCause, I am enriched with a deeper understanding of the world, the injustice it faces, and the creative solutions we have produced as a society in order to help further our particular causes. YourCause is a dynamic, impactful tool that will continue to shape the world for global good. I am encouraged and amazed by this company, and know that this experience will further my own personal cause.