YourCause Releases 2015 Workplace Diversity Report

Cassandra Bennett January 21, 2016 News

YourCause LLC, provider of CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, released its 2015 Workplace Diversity Report for the second consecutive year. The report measures gender and ethnicity division at YourCause and compares such data to industry averages of other technology companies. The 2015 data shows that while the overall technology industry is improving in the area of gender diversity, YourCause remains well ahead of all reported averages in overall gender diversification and, more specifically, reports a greater than 25% difference in female to male talent throughout the company.

“The growth of our employee base, which grew by greater than 50% in 2015, utilized the same talent acquisition strategy that has been used since inception, which is to seek the most qualified, passionate, driven, and dedicated individual for each open position,” stated Matt Combs, Founder and CEO. “We have maintained – and always will – this philosophy when hiring at YourCause. And by now I think it’s safe to conclude that this approach inherently translates into a diverse, dynamic, and well-rounded workforce.”

In reviewing the data from within the 2015 report, diversification throughout YourCause shows continued breakthrough numbers in which females represented 57% of talent within the company (26% ahead of the industry average); females held 38% of leadership positions (16% ahead of the industry average); and the company is comprised of 15% African Americans (11% ahead of the industry average). The 2015 YourCause Workplace Diversity Report, now available publically, takes a deeper dive into several other diversity categories commonly measured throughout the technology industry.

To view the full report visit Findings detail gender and ethnic diversity in the areas of overall company standing, as well as leadership and technical positions. All statistical data was gathered via the YourCause Human Resources department and includes self-reported employee data. Technology industry average statistics are attributed to company diversity reports released by Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, and Apple as reported in an Engadget article on December 31, 2015.