Writing for your Nonprofit is Serious Business

Randy McCabe December 5, 2013 Nonprofits

The only thing worse than staring at a blank screen is toiling for a few hours and hating every word you’ve written.  Writing is rarely fun.

But here’s the sobering truth:  Our constituents rely on our writing.

I think writer’s block is the child of writer’s fatigue.  We can’t escape writing, so we need to find some tools and exercises to help us be better writers.

If that appeal letter is a snoozer, we may not raise the funds that we could.  Not raising the funds we could means not helping all that we might.

For that reason alone, we owe it to our organizations (and the constituents they serve) to get serious about honing our writing craft.

Here are 11 gems from WildWomanFundraising that will provide immediate relief to dull, lifeless prose:  ’11 Tips On How to Write Original Appeal Letters

In writing this blog post, I employed Tip 2, which instructs:

Take out the first three paragraphs you write.  See if it makes you story more immediate, more clear.  Recently I did this for a nonprofit client and it INSTANTLY improved the story.  Often you first three paragraphs are just a warm-up to the story.  Your reader doesn’t need a warm-up.  They need to be thrown into that story.

The other tips are dynamite as well.  Good luck with those letters!