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Everyone loves a theme, I know I do! I love any excuse to have fun, dress, up and get passionate about supporting a good cause. Days of service and giving bring awareness to important issues that people don’t normally think about as they go about their daily lives. So it’s not just a corny wear red day or wear pink month; it is a time to come together to support one another around the world. I love the way Blackbaud encourages their employees to be agents of good. That can look like one small act of service like posting about International Women’s Day or World Suicide Prevention Day to bring awareness to these important causes.

We’ve highlighted dates throughout the year for each region. You can download the PDF calendar to plan giving campaigns, months of service or advocate for special causes.


Kick off the year with a fun list of major events, campaigns or big goals that your company would like to reach with your CSR program. Share the details and communicate with your employees to get them excited about what’s in store for the year.

Mentoring Month

1 World Day of Peace

16 Sustainable Development Goals Week

17 MLK Day of Service

24 Int’l Day of Education


World Day of Social Justice, Black History Month and Anti-bullying day can all draw a theme for creating an inclusive culture and work environment for all of your employees

Black History Month

4 World Cancer Day

7 Student Volunteering Week

20 World Day of Social Justice

23 Pink Shirt (Anti-Bullying) Day


International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month is the common theme for March that could be used across multiple regions.

Women’s History Month

3 World Wildlife Day

8 Int’l Women’s Day

18 Global Recycling Day

18 Red Nose Day


Volunteer and Community Service

US National Volunteer Week starts April 17 and Canada National Volunteer Week starts April 24. The U.K. observes April as community service month. This provides a great opportunity to create a campaign across all regions for employees to rally around. Volunteer Canada has announced the 2022 theme as “Volunteering is Empathy in Action”. Empathy is all about relating to others and volunteering provides a strong human connection that brings people together and builds awareness around different experiences.

Volunteer Month

17 U.S. Volunteer Week

22 Earth Day

24 Canada Volunteer Week

28 On your Feet Britain

Checkout this podcast with Rachel Hutchisson, Global Social Responsibility at Blackbaud and Ben Sampson, Co-founder at WeHero on embracing new volunteer trends in a virtual world. Ben provides an example of a volunteer experience that incorporates empathy by simulating the day in the life of a homeless person. Volunteers see the world through the eyes of others before completing the act of service. This on-demand webinar provides tips for incorporating empathy into volunteer experience to enhance engagement.

Tip: Use engage elements in CSRconnect to create a campaign resource landing page to house resources, information and documents to educate employees. Custom engagement elements can include survey forms to collect volunteer stories from participants, an event finder, and impact reporting. Surfacing the volunteer totals for all employees to see across regions is a great way to show your collective impact and keep the engagement momentum.


Mental Health Awareness

May 2, 2022 launches Mental Health Week in Canada, followed by the UK with the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week on May 9, 2022. The theme for 2022 in the UK is loneliness. The UK Mental Health Foundation will be raising awareness of the impact of loneliness on mental wellbeing and provide practical steps for people to build connections with their community. CSR can play a vital role in this theme with volunteer strategies that bring employees together to support their communities.

Mental Health Month

2 Canada Mental Health Week

9 U.K. Mental Health Week

20 Endangered Species Day

23 Victoria Day

In the U.S. May is observed as Mental Health Awareness Month. Everyone around the world has been experiencing some level of heavy uncomfortable feelings, like fear, sadness, anger and loss. Many companies recognize the need to develop initiatives that promote mental health and wellness in the workplace.

Check out this blog with 3 opportunities to connect with employees and cultivate a culture of belonging even with a remote workforce. This on-demand webinar with Sara Judd Welch, CEO of Sharehold provides companies with a toolkit for assessing belonging + tactical exercises to improve the wellbeing of your team.

Tip: Take a collaborative and cross-functional approach to plan and execute employee wellbeing initiatives. Bring together leadership from HR, CSR and Training and Development departments to create strategies for promoting employee mental health and wellness.


Continue the theme of building an inclusive culture through Employee Resource Groups. Employee Resource Groups can support a company’s mission, values and strategy by building strong links between individuals in your organization and the local community.

The creation of employee resource groups will go a long way with the Gen Z workforce.

“Gen Z expects their employer to have ERGs or DEI strategic working groups they can actively participate in” – Tallo, What Companies Need to Know about Gen Z’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expectations 

LGBTQ + Pride Month

1 RSPCA (Volunteers’) Week in the U.K.

5 World Environment Day/ Start of Environment Week in Canada

19 Juneteenth

20 World Refugee Day/ Start of Refugee Week in the U.K.

Tip: Use CSR software like CSRconnect to support the development and management of employee resource groups.

  • Create a group and ask ERG members to join.
  • Create events through the software and track attendance at ERG meetings


Hit the beach and reduce the volume of trash and pollution in our oceans with a beach cleanup day. Bring people together to focus on the environment and learn about ways to protect it.

Blackbaud employees help clean the beaches near Charleston.

Plastic Free Month

1 Canada Day/ Start of Clean Beaches Week, U.S. and U.K.

3 Plastic Bag Free Day

24 Self-Care Day


Many companies kickoff their annual pledge campaigns in the fall. Provide employees the opportunity to learn about the nonprofit partners or causes you are asking them to financially support. Make sure employees know how to sign up and give through your CSR software. Communicate the details of your company match program and how employees can participate.

Tip: Invite nonprofit partners to come speak to employees. Have them share stories about the impact and outcomes they can achieve with the support from your company.

Immunization Month

2 Canada Civic Holiday

19 World Humanitarian Day

22 World Climate Week

26 Women’s Equality Day


Connect to the Sustainable Development Goals

Hunger Action Month in Canada provides the opportunity to connect themes to the Sustainable development goals. Advocate and share information around Goal 1- No Poverty and Goal 2- Zero Hunger.

Hunger Action Month

10 World Suicide Prevention Day

21 Int’l Day of Peace

29 World Heart Day


Use Canada Thanksgiving, and World Hunger Day to continue the theme and raise awareness for the SDGs. COVID-19 had a significant impact on the progress of the SDGs pushing millions of people back into poverty and reversing years of improvement for goal 1 – no poverty, goal 2 – zero hunger and goal 3-good health and well-being. Check out this infographic on the outlook of the SDGs through a CSR lens and see what CSR professionals are doing to strategically align their mission and goals with supporting the SDGs

Global Diversity Awareness Month

10 World Mental Health Day

10 Canada Thanksgiving

16 World Hunger Day

24 United Nations Day

25 U.S. Pro-Bono Week


Giving Tuesday

We have tons of resources to connect your CSR initiatives to Giving Tuesday to help build a culture of philanthropy in your organization. Checkout this blog on giving season statics that features ideas for increasing employee engagement with giving.

Recycling Awareness Month

11 Veteran’s Day, U.S. / Remembrance Day, Canada & U.K.

13 World Kindness Day

29 Giving Tuesday


Charitable Giving

The end of the year continues to represent a large percentage of the giving. Blackbaud’s Charitable Giving Report shows that October, November and December represented 36% of giving in 2020. December remains the largest month as a percentage of giving. Prepare your employees earlier in the year with information on how to give through your CSR software.

Universal Human Right Months

10 World Suicide Prevention Day

21 Int’l Day of Peace

29 World Heart Day

Tip: Offer incentives to encourage employee participation. We see many companies give their employees Incentives or Cause Cards for first time donations. Cause Cards are a program within CSRconnect that can be issued to an employee like a gift card allowing them to choose a charity to receive a donation on behalf of the company.


U.S. Giving and Service Days


U.K. Giving and Service Days


Canada Giving and Service Days

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