When you ask for donations are you clear about your UVP?

Randy McCabe August 18, 2015 Nonprofits

And by the way… what is your UVP? It’s your “Unique Value Proposition”. How do you know if you are communicating your UVP? Ask yourself the following questions to confirm your understanding of your UVP and ensure its presence in every appeal, regardless of the context or approach:

  • Is your organization’s appeal “offer” attractive to your target market? Do you know this is true? Have you asked them?
  • How does your organization “change lives”? (I believe that the core of all nonprofits is the fact that they impact or “change” lives in a meaningful way, regardless of the cause.)
  • Do you have clear examples of people you serve being touched, helped, changed, etc., in some way — the more dramatic the better?

If you can’t identify your UVP in your appeals (or especially in your own mind) then no amount of fundraising activity will lead to a sustainable organization.

What need is your organization meeting that will stir your donor’s attention and participation? The answer is found in your Unique Value Proposition.

About the Orange Leap Donor Lifecycle Blog: Tom McCabe helped to coin the term “relationship fundraising” in the 1970’s as he began applying relationship development principles across multiple channels of fundraising for nonprofit organizations. As a founding partner of fundraising agency KMA, over the last 40 years Tom helped to orchestrate the expansion of hundreds of critical causes worldwide. Now retired from KMA, Tom still chooses to spend his time serving worthy organizations, and can be reached at tom@mccabe-partners.com