We’ve learned a few things along the way by partnering with our clients to collaborate and build an innovative solution via CSRconnect. Our partners are looking for more than a transactional tool to check off a box within company benefits, instead they are looking for an engagement community to transform their programs.

YourCause continues to innovate as our corporate network grows. We don’t stop at status quo because we dedicate ourselves to continuously evolve CSRconnect’s offerings and enhancements.

All of CSRconnect’s features are configurable and flexible, giving you the ability to customize your solutions to fit the needs of your program. In addition, all actionable data is captured giving CSR administrators the ability to develop program performance metrics and identify trends using our robust reporting tools.


Easily manage:

Credit Card Giving
Payroll Deductions
Offline Tracking
Disaster Campaigns
Matching Gifts
Pledge Campaigns
Year Round Campaigns
Seasonal & Promotional Campaigns
Donation History Tools
And more…


Easily Manage:

Event Creation
Event Search & Sign-up
Individual Hours Tracking
Skills-Based Volunteering
And more…


Easily manage:

Educating Employees
Personal Sustainability Tracking
Configurable Sustainability Actions & Goals
Personal & Company Wide Goals
And more…


Easily manage:

Multilingual Settings
Multi-Currency Credit Card Transactions
Local Currency Display
Regional Administrator Support
Large International Volunteering Opportunities Database
Multiple Vetting Options Including IRS 501c3 Equivalency Determination
And more…


YourCause’s CSRconnect employee engagement solution is used by some of the most well respected companies and CSR professionals all over the globe. Learn more by scheduling a demo.