Welcome to CSRworks Conference 2016

Blaine McGaffigan April 5, 2016 About YourCause

The YourCause conference has officially begun.

Top CSR professionals across the country have gathered at Addison Conference Centre to share ideas, challenges, and best practices in the industry. The annual event provides an opportunity for YourCause to directly interact with clients. This face-to-face connection is critical to understanding client wants and needs in order to provide the best service possible.

“CSRworks” also allows CSR professionals to connect with their peers. As a CSR community, we share the same pursuit of doing good in the world. Joining together is a chance to strengthen our causes and build a crescendo of ethical work.



Talks by Industry Thought Leaders

YourCause employees will be sharing stories and strategies on all aspects of CSR. Clients will also be presenting about their experiences and insights about the industry.

CEO Matthew Combs welcoming attendees

Notable sessions include:

  • “Engaging the Unengaged” – Covering standards of employee engagement as well as pointed answers to direct CSR program problems.
  • “United Way Worldwide, YourCause, and Our Future Together” – A panel of industry peers discuss how CSR programs are becoming more creative with employee engagement.
  • “International Expansion” – Features a client panel who share their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices in supporting global employees.

To wrap up day one, attendees are invited to a housewarming at our new office! It includes a fun and casual “Farmers Market” theme complete with live music, great food, and home brewed beer.

Follow the Conference on Social Media

Follow the hashtag #CSRworks2016 on Twitter. Please use the tag to share thoughts, quotes, and photos of the conference.

Happy CSRworks, and we’ll see you again in 2017!