Make Every Day Earth Day with these Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

Grace Evanich April 28, 2020 Employee Engagement

In the classrooms, students learn the importance of environmental protection by making crafts, watching educational videos, or planting a garden. Companies work to make a difference by organizing volunteer events for employees, such as trash pickups, or even hosting friendly competitions. However, Earth Day celebrations looked a little different this year. We may have not been able to participate in activities in-person, but that didn’t stop this year’s efforts of going green.


This year marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, making the 2020 theme centered around a highly pressing topic: climate change. Rather than canceling events worldwide, Earth Day Network (EDN), the nonprofit organization responsible for the movement, took activities virtual this year. People were able to go on EDN’s website to see the virtual events happening in their local area, including webinars, social media contests, and live-stream read-alouds from environmently-focused books. But aside from these live and engaging activities held for Earth Day, there are always opportunities to go green and make everyday choices that are going to be better for the environment.


Our YourCause team looks forward to this day every year, and we sought out ways for our employees to still honor this day “together” and continue to live out our passion for making an impact. A newsletter made by YourCause’s Sustainability Team gave our employees ideas of the following kid-friendly activities for Earth Day:

  1. Arts, crafts, and educational activities. From planting seeds with your young ones to creating DIY bird feeders made of your recyclables, there are so many ways to get your hands dirty and learn something new about the planet.  Who said crafts are just for kids? 
  2. Gardening tips and tricks. Planting in your yard is the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful day and follow social distancing. Some of our most common waste, such as eggshells or coffee grounds, make for wonderful fertilizers. The real work comes after planting – knowing how to maintain your garden is key to healthy growth.
  3. Documentaries and podcasts focused on sustainability. It’s amazing how much we can learn watching a documentary or tuning into a podcast, so try taking a break from your usual Netflix© show to educate and engage yourself in sustainability. Planet Earth is a highly rated one!


Don’t think you can compost in an apartment in the city? Think again! One of our homesteading friends from Farm Girl Gardens and Markets, Vanessa, shared a “Chicken Chat” video with our team about mechanical composting. A Texas S.T.A.R. Certified Master Composter, Vanessa showed the roles hens and worms play in managing the mechanical composting around her farm. While hens do require more outdoor space, worms can be placed in a closet, or even a shoebox, for those of us living in city spaces. Learn more about mechanical composting by watching her video here.


Our team is passionate about doing good and we wanted to capture how our employees are making an impact while working remotely. The YC+BB team was challenged to go green for Earth Day and encouraged to share their innovation with the hashtag #EarthDay2020. Planting a garden with your kids, sporting green attire, or making a donation to your favorite sustainable charity are just some of the ways you can acknowledge and enjoy the wonderful world we call home everyday!