Transparent, Passionate, and Diverse

Cassandra Bennett July 24, 2015 About YourCause

Kevin Traub serves as an Account Manager for YourCause has been an incredible team player since his first day. We asked Kevin to describe his time at YourCause and how he views the company culture. Check out what Kevin had to say:

1. What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself while working at YourCause? 

Since working at YourCause, I’ve learned that I enjoy being a perpetual student.  Our software is constantly evolving, and there is always a new feature or skill to learn.

2. What is your favorite event or activity hosted by YourCause and why?

Though it is a weekly occurrence, I always look forward to our company wide “All Hands” meeting.  Matt Combs will open the meeting with a thought provoking anecdote and set the stage for leadership to share the latest company news.  The honesty and transparency is incredibly motivating.  Challenging days are put into perspective as we are reminded of how far we’ve come and the tremendous opportunity still ahead. All Hands isn’t just about business.  We recognize colleagues with slow-claps and expand our vocabulary with a French “word of the week” (taught by Brice, our Security Analyst and resident French teacher).  Over the hour, we always laugh, we sometimes cry, and we are consistently humbled by the opportunity to be apart of this incredible journey.

3. What 3 words would you use to describe the culture at YourCause and why?

The three words I would use to describe the culture at YourCause would be: transparent, passionate and diverse.

Transparent – Nothing is off the table for discussion and our leadership actively includes the team in planning.

Passionate – I’m fairly certain being passionate is a prerequisite to being hired.  Whether you are into food, fashion, or free throws, there is someone here you can share your passion with.

Diverse – Our diversity makes for awesome potlucks but also reflects our mission to develop global good.  Our team is consistently breaking diversity barriers while setting the CSR industry standard for service and innovation.