Top 10 CSR Social Media Accounts to Follow

Katie Dunlap October 10, 2017 Employee Engagement

More and more consumers utilize social media to discover CSR information and engage with companies on CSR related issues. Social media is the perfect platform to share images, facts, quotes, and statistics about your great corporate philanthropy efforts.

We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite brands, CSR strategists, and thought leaders that we can learn from to up our CSR and cause-related knowledge.

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The Top 10 Accounts


1 – CVS Health

CVS Health takes dramatic strides in in their mission. They were the first national retail pharmacy to stop selling tobacco in their stores, and more recently took steps to limit opioid prescriptions to help fight against the addiction epidemic. Their social media accounts encourage consumers to stop tobacco usage and applaud states for increasing the age to purchase tobacco.

In addition to sharing information on health-related issues, CVS Health promotes their work with veterans and with the nonprofit, CARE.


2 – Ecolab Foundation

Ecolab, the global leader in water, hygiene, and energy technologies, utilizes social media to educate consumers surrounding water scarcity and food safety. These two cause areas correspond directly with their core business.

Their Twitter account features grant recipients and their employee volunteers. They tweet using #EcolabGives to highlight their work in the community.


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3 – General Mills

General Mills uses great images on their pages to promote their work supporting hunger relief and food security. They highlight their nonprofit partnerships with organizations such as Twin Cities United Way and Feeding America.

Follow their accounts to keep track of specific days and months of recognition such as Global Food Rescue Month. If you utilize social media to promote your company’s good work, tie your volunteer and giving efforts with appropriate days of recognition.


4 – PIMCO Foundation

PIMCO, a global investment management firm, fills their social media pages with smiling faces of their workforce volunteering. Their global employee base takes part in volunteer activities such as building playgrounds for children, serving meals to individuals in need, preparing youth for the workforce, and much more.

Recently, they hosted their Global Week of Volunteering and posted updates surrounding their volunteer hours.

By showcasing the volunteer work of their employees, PIMCO helps put a face with their brand. This personalization creates a connection between their firm and their stakeholders.



5 – Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is a membership organization dedicated to advancing corporate citizenship. Their feed contains articles and blogs on timely social and environmental issues and challenges such as modern slavery, climate, change, and the gender pay gap.

Furthermore, they promote the work of their member organizations and share their original research. Follow them for all things corporate citizenship.


6 – CECP

We’ve been fans of CECP for awhile now as they bring together business leaders committed to social responsibility. Their Giving in Numbers report provides statistics and trends regarding current CSR programs of some of the biggest brands; this information helps other companies benchmark their efforts. Check out their feed for highlights surrounding current happenings in the CSR space.


7 – Realized Worth

RealizedWorth works with companies to motivate employees to participate in volunteering and giving programs. Their inspiring and informational content spurs readers into action. Join their followers to stay on top of content such as “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose: Framing the Volunteer Experience.”


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8 – Michael Dell

Dell Technologies has a world class CSR program that is championed by their CEO, Michael Dell. His Twitter feed is full of philanthropic stories, including his latest push to help relief efforts after the 2017 hurricanes. Dell’s smart and thoughtful posts makes him an inspiring person to follow.



9 – Shannon Schuyler 

Shannon is the Chief Purpose Officer at PwC and the President of the PwC Foundation. Her Twitter feed features stories of her fellow colleagues and their personal passions and causes in addition to articles and facts surrounding purpose in the workplace. She keeps her feed current by featuring events including Teacher Appreciation Week and Military Appreciation Month. These celebrated days feature new causes that inspire us to give back.


10 – Sue Stephenson

Sue currently serves as the acting CEO of Impact 2030, a global coalition of stakeholders dedicated to assembling employee volunteers to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. One scroll through her Twitter account, and you’ll know she is committed to advancing the 17 global goals. She cheers on companies advancing the global goals agenda and shares photos from SDG-related events.

Paul, Shannon, and Sue engage their followers with content that not only informs but inspires. Successful social media accounts inform their followers while inspiring and encouraging them to take action.

If you are looking to up your Twitter or social media game, these ten brands, individuals, and blogs serve as inspiration and provide invaluable CSR research. Take an example from the above accounts and turn your neutral stakeholders into positive CSR brand ambassadors!


Bonus – YourCause

We share tips, client success stories, and links to content we are producing here at YourCause. Our Instagram account shows the culture and personality of the office. While we work hard to build the best CSR technology possible, we think it should be fun along the way. If there is a great account that’s not on our list, let us know on Twitter.


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