Our Top Four Picks for 2018 CSR Conferences

Cassandra Bennett August 28, 2017 Employee Engagement

Your CFO has finalized the 2018 budget and the funds allocated to your team’s professional growth is not what you expected. GASP! Don’t fear. The YourCause team can help you narrow down which CSR conferences are going to give your team the most bang for the buck.

A quick poll completed by our corporate partners revealed that there are four must-attend conferences that will provide you with innovative strategies and thought-provoking conversation, all while allowing you to influence growth and change in the CSR industry.

Get prepared to mark your calendar for a great conference season in 2018!


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Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

April 8–10, 2018

Los Angeles, CA

Join Boston College, an institutional leader in corporate citizenship, as they host the 2018 International Corporate Citizenship Conference where corporate citizens from around the world will share concepts surrounding CSR programs, partnerships, and solutions that support global change. Conference attendance is limited to only corporate citizen practitioners providing a unique focus in peer collaboration. Join your peers in LA for the first of four must attend conferences in 2018.

Learn more about the Boston College: International Corporate Citizenship Conference


CSRworks: Annual Industry Summit

March 27–28, 2018

Dallas, TX

CSRworks is a conference driven on one key principle: open, genuine, and inspirational conversation led by CSR peers and professionals in which attendees will innovate and change the future of CSR. During this free conference, peers work together to tackle challenges faced within their own CSR community while discovering best practices that have proven to be successful. Join your peers for two-days of collaborative CSR thought leadership.

Learn more about CSRworks


Points of Light

June 18-20, 2018

Atlanta, GA

Points of Light’s Conference on Volunteering and Service provides attendees with a unique mix of thought leaders by convening nonprofits, government, business and civic leaders from around the world. Attendees focus heavily on the future of volunteer services and the ability to increase the number of volunteers and the impact of the work they do. Join this conference to get a diverse perspective on the role of volunteering and the potential effects it could gather.

Learn more about Points of Light



TBD 2018

New York, NY

Charities@Work brings together the nonprofit and for-profit worlds to collaborate on discussing the future development of social impact. An alliance between America’s Charities, Community Health Charities, EarthShare, and Global Impact has fostered a conference that facilitates engagement and partnerships between charities, companies, and their employees. Join the entire spectrum of folks interested in accomplishing joint change this spring in New York.

Learn more about Charities@Work



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If you are one of the lucky individuals that have an additional budget for conferences beyond the four listed above, check out these other noteworthy events:


ACCP: The Conference

March 18–21, 2018

Portland, OR

ACCP’s foundation is based on authenticity, practicality, inclusivity, and innovation. At the ACCP Conference, attendees learn from some of the most knowledgeable in the Corporate Responsibility industry and acquire the resources necessary to improve and strengthen their own companies.

Learn about ACCP: The Conference


Ethical Corp: Responsible Business Summit West 2017

November 14–15, 2017

San Francisco, CA

Desiring to learn deeply about social purpose and the ways to engage it in your business plan? Ethical Corp could be the convention for you. This is a two-day, intensive study on the profitability and priority of social purpose that will bring your company to the next level.

Learn about the Responsible Business Summit


Ceres Conference

April 24–26, 2018

Boston, MA

This conference is led by the nonprofit organization Ceres, that advocates for top-level sustainable leadership. Whether it is in corporations or investors, they make it their mission to capitalize on executives that are mobilizing the sustainable industry and have brought them to one location so you can learn from their experiences.

Learn about the Ceres Conference


CECP Summit

May 22–23, 2018

New York, NY

The immediate focus of the CECP is driving societal investment through the world’s largest companies. By engaging corporations with powerful insights on trends, business cases for sustainability and partnerships, the CECP is a major force for doing good in investing in societal growth.

Learn about the CECP Summit


Engage for Good Conference

May 23-24, 2018

Chicago, IL

Engage for Good’s conference highlights one of the largest issues plaguing America today, division. Through engagement and social responsibility, attendees will be able to learn how to strengthen trust among co-workers and customers while also increasing their corporate alliances.

Learn about the Engage for Good Conference


Sustainable Brands Detroit

May 22 – 25 2017

Detroit, MI

Sustainable Brands is a community of global business leaders who are committed to creating brand value through sustainability-led innovation. Discover the how emerging societal expectations are transforming the way companies you purchase from every day are delivering better environmental value while retaining high quality.

Learn about the Sustainable Brands Conference


Social Innovation Summit

TBD 2018

Washington, DC

This conference is really unlike the others because it focuses on the strengths of the speakers instead of the strength of the conference developer. Social Innovation creates a summit that allows its attendees to learn about transforming perceptions through the use of technology and becoming successful through online peer engagement.

Learn about Social Innovation Summit



TBD 2018

New York, NY

COMMIT!Forum is one of the original and leading corporate responsibility event practitioners. They provide an overall breakdown of the importance of CSR in the workforce and how implementing it in your business can improve not only internal practices but also external beliefs about your company.

Learn about the Commit!Forum


BSR Conference

TBD 2018

Huntington Beach, CA

BSR has three tips to give you in order to shape a more sustainable business: 1) They will teach you what a sustainable world actually is and how it can be attained, 2) The disruption your company is going through is normal, here is how to deal with it and how to develop new and stronger core business models and 3) political volatility is presenting a direct challenge to sustainability goals so it must come from the economic sphere (US!). Want to learn these tips in detail? Join BSR for their conference in Huntington Beach!  

Learn about the BSR Conference


Is there a CSR conference you recommend not on this list? Please let us know.


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