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Dustin Joost January 10, 2017 Employee Engagement

New Year’s always brings new beginning and fresh perspectives. Anyone who knows YourCause understands our appreciation for thought leadership and data. Supporting some of the most well-respected companies in CSR means that we can’t just live in a silo analyzing our own data for trends and best practices; we have to collaborate with other industry professionals and organizations.

So here is a list of our top CSR blogs and industry experts who provide content, ideas, and data to help you make 2017 a success.


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Realized Worth

Realized Worth LogoOur friends over at Realized Worth publish content garnered through their experience implementing and enhancing CSR programs at companies of all shapes and sizes.


Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Boston College of Corporate Citizenship Logo "BCCCC"It’s no secret that the BCCC is the premiere organization to be associated with if you’re a CSR professional. Their blog has great tips on best practices and engaging trends.



CSRwire LogoIf you’re the kind of person who wants to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, you need to subscribe to CSRwire. This publication is the end-all-be-all for news relating to CSR.


Stanford Social Innovation Review

Stanford Social Innovation Review LogoIf you’re someone who likes long reads and thought-provoking articles that tend to question our normal way of thinking as CSR professionals, then you need to subscribe to SSIR.


Triple Pundit

Triple Pundit LogoTP’s focus on the triple bottom line generates a broad range of content than any CSR professional would find useful. We tend to look to Triple Pundit for news on the latest disasters, political policies, government actions, and sustainability initiatives.



Just Means Logo with Tagline Business. Better.This CSR and Sustainability news source has been around since 2004! They are a highly prolific community who publishes news articles and blogs concerning top stories in the CSR community. In 2011, they joined 3BL Media empire to become one of the leading sources of CSR news.


Double the Donation’s Fundraising / CSR Blog

Double the Donation LogoThis blog, run by the Double the Donation team, produces a range of content about CSR and connected topics. With a core focus on corporate giving through matching gifts and volunteer grants, expect articles and resources designed to educate readers of all experience and knowledge levels.


Mallen Baker’s Respectful Business Blog

Mallen Baker's Respectful Business Blog LogoThis is the blog of CSR thought leader Mallen Baker, who is a speaker, consultant, and general CSR progressive. His blog is written for people not companies, or in his words, “A bit more personal. Rather less corporate.” He is also the host of “The Respectful Business Podcast” and YouTube videos.


Crane and Matten Blog

Photo of Crane and MattenWritten by two business school professors from Schulich School of Business in Toronto, the “Crane and Matten blog” covers in depth articles digging into deep CSR issues. These two specialize in business ethics and corporate citizenship across the globe.



Check out the CSR community on Quora. Though new, some of the questions have made for interesting debates. If you prefer LinkedIn, there’s a long list of groups to engage with.

Finally, if you prefer to receive your insights in bursts of 140 characters (at least for now) then you can subscribe to our public twitter list of the Top CSR Leaders to follow.

Think we missed a CSR blog or CSR leader? Let us know. Happy reading!


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