Our Top Content from 2019: Don’t Miss Out on These CSR Resources

Cassandra Bennett December 10, 2019 Employee Engagement

Sharing is caring, and we do a lot of sharing within our client community. Because of our clients’ desire to do more good, we provide the larger employee engagement community with great tips, tricks, and ideas on how to support the growth and impact that is made in the corporate philanthropy sector…every, single, week. Phew, that is a lot of sharing!


As much as we would like to believe that our thought leadership community is reading every post, every piece of content published weekly, we know that simply isn’t possible. So, we have pulled together our top five pieces that we think will make the most impact when planning for 2020. From guest authors to infographics, we’ve got you covered for reading material during all that holiday travel. Simply sit back and check out our top five pieces.


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Purpose and Positioning Infographic

A new way of thinking about the employee journey.

An employee’s willingness to give and volunteer often has a lot to do with where they are within their career timeline. Factors such as job stability, income, and personal availability play a huge role in when and where the employee will engage within your CSR program. This infographic outlines the employee’s career journey and aligns it with the philanthropic motivations and activities they are most likely to engage in.

Top Content




Our client’s integration of the UN’s SDGs.

In this client showcase, the North American branch of TEL for Good shares how they leveraged the YourCause platform to not only become more efficient in the management of their program but also presented how the platform helped their team tie the program’s impact back to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Their innovative thinking and success in educating employees of the SDGs granted them the TEL CSR at Work award.

Top Content



Inclusion, Diversity & Culture (IDC) at PIMCO

Because we received great feedback.

Every CSR practitioner understands that inclusion, diversity, and culture are integral components of their programs. That is why we invited Sapna Shah, Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Responsibility, CFA, CAIA, of PIMCO to explain first-hand how PIMCO successfully incorporated IDC into their programs. Her valuable insight provides a guide on how others can weave IDC elements into their programs while upholding an organization’s mission and value proposition.

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Leveraging Your Account Manager Whitepaper

Partnering for your success.

When you partner with YourCause, a Blackbaud company, you are getting more than a piece of software, you are expanding your team. Our Account Managers act as consultants to ensure your program is running smoothly, while successfully engaging your employee population in giving, volunteering and grant activities. This piece gives insight into how our clients partner with the Account Management team to do more good and really impact the community.




Giving Tuesday Strategy Blog

Since we just wrapped up Giving Tuesday 2019.

We know, we know…Giving Tuesday was last week. That doesn’t mean that we can’t plan for #GivingTuesday2020. In this blog, we feature strategies, real client campaigns and new ideas on how to plan for a Giving Tuesday campaign – big or small. You get to choose how big you want to make your Giving Tuesday campaign and we will give you some great ideas on how to execute in 2020.



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