The YourCause Difference: 5 Ways We Stand Apart (Infographic)

Cassandra Bennett October 4, 2017 Employee Engagement

Not every CSR software provider is the same.

This infographic shows the 5 distinct ways that YourCause differs from other CSR software providers:




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As you can see, we’re not your average technology provider.

Here are our: 5 Unique Differences


We’re Nonprofit Friendly

0% – That is how much we take from donations. Let us say it another way: we never take a percentage of any donation made through our platform.

This is the difference that we are most proud of, even when it comes at the expense of our bottom line. While other providers take a small percentage of donations and funds going to nonprofits, we stand firm in our commitment ensuring all funds go to the nonprofits. The hard-earned money from employees and businesses is being generously donated to philanthropic causes, and any percent is too large for us to stomach taking.

The hard-earned money from employees and businesses is being generously donated to philanthropic causes, and any percent to skim off the top is too large for us to take from its intended destination.

We make transfers to nonprofits easy with ACH.

The automated clearing house (ACH) is essentially direct deposit for organizations. One of its main benefits is that it reduces the confusion and complication of paper checks. We do our best to educate and encourage the nonprofits in our network to adapt ACH as their model.

Unfortunately, many organizations have structures in place that make this an impossibility. We still work with these organizations and never penalize them with a higher fee if they can’t support ACH.


We’re Setting the Standard for Customer Service

We’re not only making waves with customer service in the CSR software industry, but we’re setting the standard for service in the SaaS community as a whole.

Among our favorite statistics is:

  • 96% – Customer satisfaction rating
  • 3% – Employees who require support
  • 3.5 hours – Average support resolution time


Our Partnership Approach

“At YourCause, we don’t have clients, we have partners.”

We understand the value of building a successful philanthropic program, and we’re here to help. Once a company becomes a client, our services are just beginning. We use our 10+ years of experience in the industry to share the best practices we have found and connect them with other clients that have similar programs.

And our account managers take a consultative approach to every company.


Focusing on the Big Picture

The companies who use the YourCause platform aren’t islands, but instead are a part of something bigger!

The Global Good Network is made up of over 170 companies all aligned to bring philanthropy programs to their employees.

An example of the power of this Network is the incredible impact during Hurricane Harvey.

And as of the time of this infographic being published, there has been over 1.3 billion dollars donated and 23 million hours volunteered!!!



Ever since we heard about IMPACT 2030 and the Global Goals, we knew we wanted to do our part to support the effort. We built the Global Goals Gateway to enable nonprofits to declare their support for the goals they most aligned with. We’re continuing to grow this tool so that employees will eventually be able to search for nonprofits based on the global goals.

Even our employees have declared their support for IMPACT 2030.



Changing the world is a massive responsibility, but it should be fun along the way!!!

Transparency is something we preach here at YourCause, and we always let our personality shine through in any interaction.


CSRworks Conference

We host an annual conference used to share ideas and good times with fellow CSR professionals.



While we covered the top five ways we are different, it all boils down to one main factor: we love what we do.

We’re building technology and working with folks who are changing the world.  If you’re interested in learning more, request a demo and a team member will reach out to you to show you our technology.


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