Thankful to Work with Companies Like Sabre

Cassandra Bennett November 20, 2015 Employee Engagement


So it begins. It’s that time of year where people flood social media with daily proclamations of thanks:

  • I am thankful for my loving husband and my beautiful kids (Me too!)
  • I am thankful for my dream vacation when I took my kids to Disney World (I didn’t, but you get the idea.)

So on and so on. While these may not be the exact words used in each post, they encompass common themes throughout our own lives. I too find myself proclaiming my rainbows and sunshine gratitude, and while focusing only on the things I am grateful for, it can be easy to forget about the problems others may battle daily.

It was not until recently that I was indirectly reminded by our friends on Sabre’s Corporate Social Responsibility team that there are larger issues that need to be addressed in this world. Sabre shared with the YourCause team that they are partnering with Thorn to launch the Innovation Lab out of Silicon Valley. This new think tank is a place where engineers and data scientists come together to build innovative tech solutions to fight childhood sexual exploitation.


It is mind-blowing to think that it takes a group of tech giants to come together to fight injustices for those that might ordinarily look to the adults around them for protection. It is also mind blowing – and humbling – to see companies like Sabre are committed to using their financial and employee resources to develop this kind of technology. Sabre, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Expedia, IAC, Twitter, Amazon Web Services and Pinterest are beginning to focus their resources to fight in the areas of child sex trafficking, dark web child abuse and exploitation, and promote social platform cyber safety.

Through Innovation Lab, some of the best and brightest engineers will develop and deploy technologies against child exploitation. Our friends at Sabre and other corporate giants are setting the example of what it means to use their significant influence and resources to truly make a difference for children all over the world.

Now that I’m reminded to think outside of my personal bubble, I find myself rethinking what I am thankful for:

  • I am thankful for companies and organizations focused in sharing responsibility to make our world a better and safer place for ALL children.
  • I am thankful that steps are being taken to end online predators’ access to my children, my friends’ children and the millions of children I have never met.
  • I am thankful for working with a company like Sabre that goes above and beyond in their business to do good, make a bigger impact and share in solving the world’s injustices.

Does this change what you are thankful for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!