YourCause Breaks Gender Trends in 2014 Diversity Report

Cassandra Bennett February 4, 2014 News

YourCause LLC, provider of CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, has published the first employee diversity report since starting the company nearly 7 years ago.  The report demonstrates YourCause’s ongoing commitment to a diverse workforce and highlights the company’s achievements during the nearly 100% growth in headcount during 2014. The 2014 Diversity Report compares YourCause’s diversity profile to the averages from other companies within the Technology industry. The data shows that ethnic diversity at YourCause aligned with the Technology industry; however, the company is significantly more diverse in gender diversity, with a greater than 30% difference in female to male talent.

“Since the very beginning I’ve always sought to find the best talent – period. I do my best to make sure we never lose that mindset, as I believe it has played a critical role in our company getting to where it is today. The current state of our diversity profile is nothing more than a result of attracting the most qualified talent for the industry in which we are operating,” stated Matt Combs, Founder and CEO.

Diversity reports evaluate gender division in three core areas: overall company talent pool, leadership positions, and technology positions. In all three areas, YourCause reported a 30% difference from the average, differentiating themselves as one of the few technology companies to staff predominantly female talent.  The report disclosed overall company talent division at 38% male and 62% female. Of those employed in leadership positions 43% are male and 57% are female. Of those in Technology positions 67% are male and 33% are female.

“Our team is expected to grow by nearly 50% in 2015 and ensuring we find the most qualified talent for all positions will be our utmost priority. We fully recognize the value in the diversity of our company, its influence on our culture, and how that translates into the development of our product and operations. As such, we will continue to maintain our existing diversity in everything we do,” added Matt Combs.

View the full report: 2014 Diversity Report. Findings detail gender and ethnic diversity in the areas of overall company standing, as well as leadership and technical positions. All statistical data was gathered via the YourCause Human Resources department and includes self-reported employee data.