YourCause Sees Record Number of Companies Take Action in Wake of Recent Hurricanes

Cassandra Bennett September 20, 2017 News

In response to the impact of recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma, YourCause experienced a record-breaking number of corporations answering the call for disaster relief support. In total, YourCause’s CSRconnect platform facilitated over $10,000,000 in employee donations and matching gifts for disaster relief within the last four weeks.

Within hours of Hurricane Harvey making landfall, YourCause’s Global Good Network launched over 150-disaster relief campaigns, empowering more than 6.5 million employees to deliver needed funds to support those impacted. YourCause’s commitment to maximizing employee and corporate generosity by not taking a percentage of donations resulted in record high participation and employee satisfaction.


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“HCA Healthcare raised significant dollars for our employees in need in a very short time with the help of YourCause’s user-friendly, intuitive platform,” Joe Flynn, Director of Community Engagement & HCA Hope Fund explained. “The HCA team did not have to worry about the technology. We were able to focus on the needs of our employees and tell their co-workers how they could help through the special disaster match program set up specifically in response to the hurricanes.  Through its partnership with YourCause, HCA and its employees donated over $800,000 in just three short weeks.”

Knowing individuals are motivated to support disaster efforts within the first seven days after a disaster has hit, YourCause’s speed of deployment has proven to be critical to over 200 clients’ abilities to successfully drive impact in times of crisis. By taking action, companies and their employees gain a clear vision of the impact that can be made through united relief efforts. While the intention of the companies that deployed a disaster relief page was to solely support those affected by the hurricanes’ destruction, providing timely opportunities to engage in relief efforts help build a culture of philanthropy rather than simply offering transactional programs. Historical data from YourCause’s most recent Industry Report shows 65% of first-time donors in a disaster relief campaign return within the next twelve months to make an additional donation or volunteer.

“Through all of the recent natural disasters it was great to work with the team at YourCause who could anticipate the quickness with which we needed to move on decisions,” said Kyra Scalea, Manager, Community Stewardship, Vanguard. “On the corporate side, we were all making decisions as fast as possible. To have the YourCause team ready to ’turn on‘ our response programs saved massive amounts of work and reduced employee inquiries.  Additionally, it was delightful to know that YourCause has a high level of philanthropy knowledge and could educate us on the idea of merging disaster relief donations with our annual campaign donations for a holistic picture.”

YourCause applauds the Global Good Network for their compassion, quick response, and thoughtful impact over the last few weeks. The results are a reminder of what happens when corporations and their employees band together to make a collective impact on those in need.

“The natural disasters we have experienced over the past couple of weeks have been difficult on many different fronts. During a time when our feelings of utter helplessness are elevated, I am glad our product and team have been able to play a small role in supporting the millions of people truly in need. I am proud to be a part of YourCause, and am proud of the response from the Global Good Network,” said Matt Combs, Founder and CEO of YourCause.