Symantec’s 2017 CSR Report Shows Key Strategies Towards Global Goals

Katie Dunlap October 31, 2017 Employee Engagement

Symantec’s CSR program is one of the strongest in the business, receiving honors like Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 2017 100 Best Corporate Citizens three years in a row. Their dedication to building a diverse and inclusive workforce, investing in the future of cybersecurity education, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing community engagement is shown through the progress made towards their 2020 goals.

In its 10th annual report, Symantec outlines some meaningful achievements – specifically exceeding the goal of educating more than 1 million students in STEM and reducing the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent.


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Our People

The first pillar of Symantec’s CSR program is dedicated completely to their employees. They have created a culture that is diverse and is promoting equality on a national and global level throughout their company. The goal for their FY2020 campaign is to increase the percentage of women in the workforce globally by 15%. In order to achieve these goals, they have partnered with the Human Rights Campaign, advocated for marriage equality and continued funding the National Center for Women & Information Technology Pathways Study.

To better equip their current and future employees, Symantec has also focused on professional development and training. “Change Leadership” and “Xcellerate” programs are both used to further develop high performers in the workplace and teach leadership skills through individual coaching and development plans. “The Autism Advantage” program was introduced to expand the fast-growing cyber security industry to a wide variety of candidates and pool talent from an area that is typically untapped.



Your Information

Symantec is going above and beyond to bring cybersecurity education opportunities to underrepresented young adults, veterans, and others who are interested in entering the growing field. The creation of Symantec C3 has provided targeted education, training, and certifications to qualified candidates along with helping to place them in internships and eventually connect them with fellow graduates to earn a career. Their goal by 2020 is to educate and excite one million students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with their investment of $20 million.

Symantec’s commitment to the security and privacy of their customers’ information is an imperative part of the second pillar of their CSR program. They involve themselves in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) discussion and Good Data Governance to ensure that they have earned the trust of consumers, businesses, and governments. Along with releasing the Industry Report every year, Symantec releases the Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), which analyzes the cyber threat landscape and helps to inform consumers on emerging trends in attacks, malicious coding, and spam.



The World

A major focus of Symantec’s CSR campaign is on environmental strategy. Their hope is that by 2025, they will reduce their 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. They are looking to achieve this through implementing energy efficiency projects in carbon-intensive locations like Arizona and India and space consolidation efforts to create a more global office footprint. As of the publication of the industry report, Symantec had achieved 19% greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Symantec’s CSR campaign is designed to give back to the community around it and improve the lives of the people that work for them. Whether it is through volunteer hours or financial donations, Symantec employees are encouraged to get involved through many different outlets. Last November, Symantec held their first Global Service Week whose employees logged more than 4,000 volunteer hours and connected them to many new organizations in the community. Their goal by 2020 is that they reach an average of 4 volunteer hours per employee per year. To achieve this goal, the “Symantec Service Time” program was launched, which offers Symantec employees 5 full paid working days to volunteer and engage with their coworkers and community.



At YourCause, we are grateful to partner with clients like Symantec that are doing great things for their people, for the furthering of education, and for the world. It is exciting to share the growth that they are experiencing and we look forward to the goals that they meet in the future alongside us.


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