CSRconnect’s personal sustainability platform (PSP) module provides users with the tools they need to set goals, track their impact, and educate themselves on the everyday opportunities for sustainable living. The PSP module offers suggested actions that each user can commit to and allows users to become more sustainable, both personally and collectively.

  • Actionable and Educational – Users can easily select action items from four categories (reduce emissions, conserve energy, recycle waste, save water) and view their impact through customized calculations based on when users start the sustainable action. In addition, each action provides facts and statistics for users to learn more about the impact of each action. Client administrators can edit which actions are available for their employees to track within the platform.
  • Competition and Collective Impact – The PSP module includes gamification elements that allow users to earn badges based on their sustainable impact and view their Eco Ranking to see where they fall in relation to their coworkers. Users can also view the company wide impact in each actionable category, the average impact for each category, and in which categories their coworkers are most active. Administrators can choose whether or not to activate gamification elements and manage them at any time through the administrator panel.
  • Accountability: Tracking and Reporting – The “My Sustainability” dashboard allows users to view all active goals, completed actions, overall impact (or projected impact), Eco Ranking Level and badges. Client administrators can track collective impact through the standard sustainability reports provided through the administrator panel.