YourCause Expands Support for the Nonprofit Community

Cassandra Bennett April 2, 2015 News

YourCause, LLC, provider of CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, announced plans to expand support for the nonprofit community by increasing its investment in tools and services designed to better connect non-profits organizations with workplace engagement programs, manage donor and volunteer information, and increase the efficiency of donors supporting non-profits of their choice despite the organization’s location. The company has already begun the rollout of the planned services and expects to continue new non-profit feature rollouts throughout 2015 and into the coming year.

With more than 64,000 charities receiving nearly $150,000,000 in donations during 2014 (an increase from $75,000,000 in 2013), the company is positioned to build upon the growing base of non-profit relationships to deliver new technology offerings and enhanced services. Additionally, YourCause now has more than 23,000 verified site non-profit administrators able to manage the information exchanges within the CSRconnect Employee Engagement platform. YourCause currently adds between 40-50 new site non-profit administrators daily.

“Our reach into the non-profit space is now significant and has opened up huge opportunity for YourCause to provide additional services and offering to compliment our relationship with our corporate customers, the donations we’re delivering each month, and the respective information for both,” stated Matt Combs, Founder and CEO.  “We will aggressively deploy new products that will benefit the non-profit space over the coming 24 months, which is exciting for our company, our customers, the non-profits we support, and the donors and volunteers utilizing our systems.”

Included within the plan, YourCause will deploy additional services for both internal and partner vetting services (both domestic and international); increased utilization of automated check handling (ACH) services for donations processing; an end-to-end corporate grants management system; and enhanced features within the non-profit portal currently found at

The company has developed all plans without compromising its core philosophy of not taking a percentage of donations from the non-profit organization.

“All products and services we are designing and deploying will avoid the need to charge on a donation-by-donation basis, a model we’re seeing throughout the industry but have yet to understand how that is driving value to the cause,” stated Combs. continues to serve as the location whereby non-profit organization can utilize benefits from the services of YourCause   The company makes itself available to  all non-profit listed by the IRS as a 501(c)3 and any other organization deemed appropriate by YourCause and their respective clients.