Guide to Tracking Employee Community Service to Qualify for Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Credits

Learn about some of the best ways for banks and other financial institutions to qualify and evaluate the development activities employees have participated in.

As a financial institution, it is imperative to keep track of the community development activity types and categories of services employees complete every year. By not contributing these hours or achieving a bad rating on the CRA examination, your institution can be penalized with significant reputational risks, a shorter examination time frame the following year, and even halt long-term growth, preventing acquisitions, mergers, and new branches from opening.

This whitepaper includes a guide for how to use CSRconnect to help track your financial institution’s reinvestment activities to qualify CRA credits. Get insights into:

  • Platform capabilities
  • CRA qualifiers
  • Real customer experiences
  • And much more!


“CSRconnect allows us to leverage our resources and our staff time to focus on operations, strategy, and executing on that strategy; versus spending time doing administrative work. Having a technology platform in place that improves efficiency and streamlines out operations has been critical to our success.”

-Gary Levante, SVP of Corporate Responsibility & Culture, Berkshire Bank

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