10th Annual Report on Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement Trends

This Established Report Analyzes Data from the YourCause® Portfolio of Software for Centralized Social Impact to Show How Companies and Their Employees Engage with Purpose

Since 2015, the Industry Review has been developed to provide corporations insight into employee engagement and social responsibility. Observations of key learnings and trends throughout this report were analyzed through data collected within the CSRconnect® and GrantsConnect® platforms. The 2022 report consolidates and details data collected between January and December 2021. Our team sets out to identify shifts in employee philanthropic behavior, as well as trends in program elements offered by corporations to their employee population. Findings in this report are from a subset of the entire client and employee population.

For this 10th anniversary of the Industry Review we provided a look back at trends over time. This report continues to provide insights that help companies large and small craft programs that fit into their company culture and drive employee engagement that creates social impact around the world.

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Key Insights from the 2022 Industry Review 

Data evaluated in the Industry Review is a subset of the entire client and employee population representing:


participating companies



number of countries where employees engaged in social impact
average annual gift per donor including company match dollars
over $607 million in grants awarded by clients using GrantsConnect in 2021
over 6.3 million volunteer hours from employees

“As social responsibility professionals, we are working in a world that is changing dramatically and with people who are seeking increased support from their employers to help manage through these shifts.”

– Rachel Hutchisson
Vice President, Global Social Responsibility, Blackbaud


This year we’ve been able to analyze the data in new ways and for the first time in 10 issues, we decided to take a look back and review how a few key metrics have changed over time.

It’s important to note that over the years our client base and the number of employees we have been able to evaluate has significantly grown, with 35% more companies represented in the 2022 report than last year. We believe this data shows companies and their employees are making a difference together and we hope these insights will help build the business case for companies to continue to invest in social impact initiatives. 

Average Annual Full-time Employee Donation Amount


The data reviews the global average annual full-time employee donation amounts. The percent difference between the donation amount in 2016 and each year following shows that donations have grown to be 20% higher in 2021.

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Highlights from the Report

Companies large and small are providing their employees with opportunities to give back in ways they are comfortable with, like virtual volunteering options, individual volunteer events and multiple donation methods. Shifts from the pandemic and the increase in focus on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) point to the growing importance of purpose driven work. According to the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer, 60% of global employees choose a company based on their beliefs and values. As we continue to work in a remote world across countries and time zones, we hope this data can help companies design strategies that drive social impact within their communities both globally and hyper-locally. Below is a summary of some of the findings in this year’s report.

How do employees like to volunteer?

72% of the over 6 million volunteer hours were in-person. When looking at the percentage of virtual vs. in-person volunteer hours by employee type, enterprise size or industry you can see a variation in how employees like to volunteer.

In this report you’ll find data and key metrics on:

  • Global Employee Engagement
  • Enterprise Engagement Trends
  • Donation Method Trends
  • Program Trends
  • Trends by Industry
  • Geographic Trends
  • Performance by Work Country
  • Performance by Work State
  • Payment Processing

For example, retirees only volunteer 8% of their hours virtually and technology companies had the highest percent virtual volunteer hours at 44%. For the second year in a row, employees continue to favor individual volunteer events over group events. We believe this points to the need for employees to get involved in a way they feel comfortable with and as they find time in their busy schedules. Consider creating a hybrid approach to your volunteering program by offering virtual and in-person.

When is employee engagement higher?

When analyzing enterprise size or industry engagement we can see employee participation in volunteering has increased for some companies. For example, companies with less than 1,000 employees saw an increase in volunteer engagement from 19% to ~26%. Percentile rankings for the different engagement metrics by enterprise size are provided so companies can benchmark where their programs align with their peers.

When looking at program trends we see higher engagement rates for companies that offer both giving and volunteering. For the last three years, the combined engagement rate has been higher for companies using Resource Groups in CSRconnect. This shows that groups drive engagement with giving and/or volunteering. Make sure to look through the program trends section for insights on pledge campaigns vs. year-round giving, charity preferences, disaster campaigns, use of engagement elements and corporate grantmaking programs.

Companies and their employees make an impact around the world.

The report shows geographic insights with performance data broken down by continent and employee work country. Most continents saw an increase in average annual employee donation amount and Asia continues to lead in volunteering engagement rate. This year we sorted the data for employees’ work country and show the top five countries by average gift per donor and average volunteer hours.

We continue to expand our partnerships to create the largest global charity database. NPOconnect provides a central database of nonprofits for companies and their employees to support through programs within CSRconnect and/or GrantsConnect. Approximately 5.1 million charities from around the world are available for employees to support for volunteering, request vetting and offline giving and over 1.7 million vetted charities are available for securely sending donations or grant awards.