Incorporate CSR into your Recruiting and Company Culture

Begin Recruiting with your CSR in Mind

Using CSR as a tool for recruitment and onboarding, and as a means to share your culture, is an easy way to communicate with potential and new employees. Using your CSR to recruit new employees is a great way to signal to potential employees that your company is ethical, caring, and has a strong culture. Potential employees can find out about your CSR by seeing your programs listed on your website, career page, and an active program being shared on your social media pages.

This whitepaper includes insights from a collaboration of our Human Resources, Recruitment and Corporate Responsibility teams, providing you real-life strategies you can utilize to create and implement your own CSR-based recruitment.

It is our hope that at the end of this, you will be more knowledgeable in your corporation’s CSR efforts, more confident collaborating with other valuable departments, and more willing to garner data that enhances your recruiting, vets candidates, and ultimately hires the best talent.

Get information on:

  • The business case of CSR in recruiting
  • What data you should be collecting to guide your strategy
  • Ideas and best practices for an actionable game-plan

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