Remember your Heritage!

Randy McCabe August 27, 2015 Nonprofits

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that many of your most loyal donors remain faithful and stay committed to your cause, not because they have a passion for What you do, but because of Why you do it. Your “roots” matter.

If you are familiar with Simon Sinek, you will recall that one of his strongest themes is that your most effective presentations will inspire your listeners by telling a story – or stories – about the Why of your existence. This is especially true in fundraising.

Since it is easier to focus on the “what” and the “how” the “why” is often forgotten. The pragmatic needs often win the day when developing your fundraising appeal. However, the more compelling “story” about your roots, the Why, will usually inspire your donors. And, inspired donors are your most faithful and long-term donors.

About the Orange Leap Donor Lifecycle Blog: Tom McCabe helped to coin the term “relationship fundraising” in the 1970’s as he began applying relationship development principles across multiple channels of fundraising for nonprofit organizations. As a founding partner of fundraising agency KMA, over the last 40 years Tom helped to orchestrate the expansion of hundreds of critical causes worldwide. Now retired from KMA, Tom still chooses to spend his time serving worthy organizations, and can be reached at