Author: Katie Dunlap

According to new research in Harvard Business Review, 89% of knowledge workers have reported a decline in their workplace wellbeing since the start of COVID-19. Meanwhile, loneliness (one outcome of a lack of belonging) is on the rise, with staggering effects on business.

With employees’ emotions and mental states heightened, social responsibility practitioners are focusing more than ever on workplace wellbeing. Join us on March 17th for Redesigning Belonging for Employee Wellness with Sarah Judd Welch, CEO of Sharehold. In this interactive session, we will:

  • Explore Sharehold’s research and data on how this past year of uncertainty impacted belonging and wellbeing at work.
  • Define how belonging and mental health intersect.
  • Determine the factors that shape belonging experiences.

Additionally, participants will take away a toolkit for assessing belonging, a shifted mindset for approaching belonging and wellness, and tactical exercises to bring immediately into action to improve the wellbeing of their team. We hope you can join us in our journey to explore workplace wellbeing.

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