Put Your Nose’s On!

Katie Dunlap May 15, 2018 Employee Engagement

Red Nose Day falls on May 24 this year. With 5 million red noses sold to date this year alone, you may see Red Nose Day as a chance to take funny pictures with co-workers. But there is so much more to this day than that! This is what you need to know…

What is Red Nose Day?

Red Nose Day is a day that uses laughter and comedic relief to raise awareness and funds that help change the lives of children in poverty living in the U.S. and communities worldwide. RND has been around since 1988, originally launching overseas, making its arrival in the U.S. in 2015. Since then, $100 Million has been raised for Comic Relief (Red Nose Day’s partner charity). This has gone to impact over 8 million children in the US and internationally. In fact, during just the last three years, Red Nose Day has provided educational support for over 60,0000 children, essential medical services for 6.7 million children, and support and care for 850,000.

How You Can Help

There are many ways to help make a difference on Red Nose Day:

    • Start by heading to your local Walgreens and purchase a red nose! Fifty percent of the funds used to purchase a nose are donated directly to Comic Relief.
    • Be sure to spread the word by posting a picture of you wearing the red nose on social media.
    • Let your friends and family know about this incredible campaign and how they can help out as well.
    • Finally, you can always donate to Comic Relief. A small donation can provide a huge impact.


YourCause Employees showing their support for Red Nose Day and having some fun.


How Donations Make an Impact

$1 can provide 11 meals for hungry children through Feeding America food banks

$10 can provide essential immunizations for a child in need

$30 can provide one person with access to clean water in Uganda

$50 can provide one year’s tuition, supplies/textbooks for a child in a developing country

$100 can provide food, clothing, shelter, and medical care to help get a child off the street

How YourCause Engages for RND

This year at YourCause, we have our own exciting plans for Red Nose Day! It all starts the week before with our internal messaging campaign. We’re spending this week encouraging the team to go out and purchase a red nose, wear red on May 24th, and be ready to accept a few fun challenges.

On Red Nose Day, we will set up a table that will serve as our centralized hub for information on Red Nose Day and Comic Relief. Our overall goal is to have the team wearing red noses as often as possible for as long as possible, and raise funds for Comic Relief. Take advantage of the strong toolkit of resources that is provided on the Red Nose Day website to get your office engaged!

We looked at the resources available and decided the Challenge Cards would be a great match for our culture. We’re going to challenge our employees to do different tasks all while wearing their red noses! As they complete their challenge, they’ll take a picture and post it on their social media, as well as our in-company messaging system, Slack. We haven’t forgotten about our satellite offices and remote team members – we are sending them e-versions of the challenge cards as well. Whoever shares on Slack and social media will be entered to win a Cause Card!

One of the Challenge Cards provided in the Red Nose Day Toolkit.

And of course, we use our platform to engage internally! We’ve set up a Red Nose Day Engagement Element so that our team can learn more about the organizations, understand the impact that is made during Red Nose Day, and donate to Comic Relief. That way, all of our YourCause family, no matter the office location, has a chance to make a difference and participate. Our software is an incredible tool that brings us together to make an impact!

There are few things that we have learned as we geared up for Red Nose Day:

    • Lean on fun! This day is a celebration of all that Comic Relief has accomplished and all they will accomplish in the next year. It’s a serious mission, but laughter and comedy are key to spreading the word and engaging your team. Our partner, Global Impact, had a ton of fun a couple of years ago when they spent an entire week being silly!
    • Lean on Red Nose Day resources. Their website is full of flyers, FAQ’s, content, and more. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel to show your support. You can create a day that is unique to your company while leveraging the resources already created and shared.
    • Lean on your team! Planning this day isn’t a one-person show. We’ve gotten teammates from HR, Marketing, Account Management and more involved in the process. We also made sure to lean on CSR Ambassadors in satellite office locations to include all employees across the company.

Establish a fun, unifying event in your company and make a difference in children’s lives around the world by implementing a Red Nose Day campaign this year. We can’t wait to hear all the creative ways your employees make a difference, red noses on!