Orange Leap Allows The Urban Alternative to Spend Time with Donors Instead of Chasing Data

Randy McCabe July 15, 2013 Nonprofits

Which campaigns were appealing to donors and creating results?  What was the giving history of our donors?  Those are pretty basic questions but often nonprofits and ministries can’t get the answers easily even with a donor database – which begs the question ‘Isn’t the software supposed to do that?’

That’s exactly the situation The Urban Alternative was in when they began looking for a better software solution.  “We were being limited by our inability to monitor the performance of different campaigns and track our donors giving history,” notes Director of Ministry Services Joy Glover.

Frustrated by inefficiency of trial and error, they began evaluating new solutions.  “We needed a centralized hub for all of data,” says Glover.  “We selected Orange Leap’s MPX because it is able to tell the story for each donor – where they live, what they’ve given and much more.  Before we were just trying different campaigns and initiatives and could not accurately evaluate their performance.”

The Urban Alternative ( is the national ministry of Dr. Tony Evans and is dedicated to restoring hope and transforming lives through the proclamation and application of the Word of God.  The Urban Alternative serves listeners on over 500 radio outlets in 40 countries, as well as over 200,000 online listeners.

The Urban Alternative relies on monthly appeals, newsletters, direct mail; multiple donor receptions and rallies every year; annual donor luncheon; and new donor acquisition campaigns throughout the year to meet their fundraising goal in order to support their mission of restoring hope and transforming lives through radio, television, and the internet.  “Our focus is providing sound biblical truths that strengthen individuals, families, churches and communities,” says Glover.

Orange Leap has improved the ability of The Urban Alternative to accurately track the performance of every campaign and give greater insight into the giving history of donors.

“I love the ability to run segmentations to analyze our donor base,” reports Glover.  “Having the ability to quickly segment high-level donors, as well as those with a consistent giving history is critical to our development initiatives.”

Now that they have a better picture of their campaigns and their donors, The Urban Alternative can spend more time with donors instead of chasing down data.  “We have been able to personally develop relationships and cultivate donors,” notes Glover.  “This has resulted in increased donations.  We have also used the data to host very successful events.  I would estimate the value to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The Urban Alternative can move forward confidently knowing that Orange Leap will empower them to execute successful fundraising and strengthen relationships with donors.  Glover concludes “Orange Leap is a must in order to know your donor base and to maintain a financially accountable nonprofit.”