NPO Spotlight: Feed My Starving Children

Brittany Dickey January 5, 2016 About YourCause, Nonprofits

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This article is part of the NPO Spotlight Series which highlights nonprofits who are doing excellent work. Nonprofits are a key part of our Global Good Network, and we’re consistently creating tools to help build connections between nonprofits and corporate employees.


Although many Americans have never experienced the pain and shame of facing hunger, approximately 795 million people in the world are chronically malnourished. In high school, there were nights that I went to sleep hungry. Fortunately, I had free breakfast and lunch at school. I graciously accepted those meals because I wasn’t always sure if there would be food at home. Because of my experiences, charities that are dedicated to feeding hungry children are near and dear to me. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), is dedicated to eliminating starvation for children worldwide.

Founded in 1987, FMSC is a Christian Nonprofit that has reached malnourished children in 70 countries. The charity’s “MannaPack” rice mixtures are nutritious, easy to distribute and only require boiling water. The food formula is designed to meet the needs of severely undernourished children. Each bag of food feeds 6 children and costs only $1.32 to produce. To distribute the food, FMSC partners with charitable organizations around the world. One organization that FMSC partners with is Fabretto Children’s Foundation.

Fabretto Children’s Foundation created a school program in Nicaragua and FMSC provides MannaPacks for the school lunches. The healthy meals help children remain focused while in school. These meals are an integral part of each child’s success at school. It is nearly impossible to be motivated to learn if a child’s stomach is empty. FMSC enables children to gain an education by providing school meals. With the necessary nourishment required for mental and physical growth, these kids now have a chance for a bright future. This is just one of many examples of the lives that are being impacted by FMSC and their international partnerships. It is an honor to disburse funds to this organization.

YourCause has processed $711, 848 in donations and matching grants to FMSC. This is enough to feed 8, 900 children for a year! These meals reach children like Moisés, a child who attends the Fabretto Children’s Foundation school program in Nicaragua. The meals Moisés receives while at school have transformed his life. Prior to receiving meals, Moisés was severely malnourished and often too weak to attend school. Although Moisés still struggles to reach a healthy weight, he is a cheerful and determined student who is eager to learn. I strive to remember kids like him who we are helping just by completing our daily assigned tasks.

As a Customer Advocate at YourCause, it is rewarding to be reminded of the impact my daily work supports. Every phone call, email, and chat I answer ultimately helps an employee do good. When the Customer Advocacy Team has an influx in volume, I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed. Whenever I am flustered, I remember charities like FMSC that our hard work positively impacts. These reminders keep me grounded and more than anything, grateful.

If you are interested in learning more about FMSC please click here.


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