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Brittany Dickey February 16, 2016 Nonprofits

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Before school or work, most people have a daily routine to jumpstart the day. Whether it is morning yoga or having a cup of coffee, we rarely think twice about these mundane rituals. For me, every morning like clockwork, I turn on the shower, go start my coffee pot and I turn on my television. After turning on the news I finally jump in the shower. In preparation for writing this blog, I had a realization: I am wasting massive amounts of water!! There is no purpose in having the shower run for 5 minutes if I’m not using the water. So, I have switched up my routine so that I’m less wasteful. Although I am embarrassed about my obliviousness, I am certain that there are many others who waste water simply because it’s not something we are taught to be grateful for. I consider myself a grateful person (most days)—yet, I’ve never been grateful for clean water. I turn on the water faucet and I expect clean, drinkable tap water to magically appear. Many of us aren’t cognizant of how fortunate we are to have clean water in America.

Today, 663 million people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Some have to walk for miles to obtain this basic resource. The people most affected by this crisis are women and children. In many societies, it is the women’s responsibility to fetch water for their family. In Africa alone, women spend 40 billion hours a year walking to get water. These valuable hours could be spent working, learning or spending time with family. In addition, diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence. Sadly, 43% of those deaths are children. Just by luck, I was born in America, a place where even homeless people have access to clean drinking water and toilets. But 663 million other humans are not nearly as fortunate. Thankfully, there are organizations working to provide clean water to individuals in other countries. The organization charity: water brings safe water to people in developing nations around the world.

Founded by Scott Harrison in 2006, charity: water is helping millions in developing nations by creating freshwater wells, rainwater catchments, and sand filters. This organization approaches the water crisis strategically by assessing geography and need. They also choose locations with the potential for building strong relationships with individuals in the community. Lastly, this organization uses 100% of all public donations to directly fund water projects for communities in need. They prove each project using GPS coordinates on Google Maps. To view charity: water’s completed projects, click here.

YourCause processed $379,652.55 in donations and grants to charity: water in 2015. These donations are enough to provide clean water for 1,055 people for an entire year! The funds help people like Mulitani Yesaya, a 42-year-old woman from this small village, who only knew a life that consisted of 7 long walks to the river for water every-single-day. Charity: water worked with the people of Sikedi Village to bring them clean water. To learn more about Mulitani and her village, please click here. YourCause is honored to disburse donations to an organization that is making a massive impact worldwide.

Writing this blog post impacted me. More than anything, I am now aware of the water crisis worldwide and I am grateful that I have running water. I feel I have a responsibility to not only help the less fortunate in other countries but also to preserve water when I can. For 100 ways to preserve water in your everyday life, please click here.


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