Alpha House of Tampa: Changing Lives one Mother at a Time

Brittany Dickey June 13, 2017 Nonprofits

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Staggering Statistics

According to The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “women and families are the fastest-growing segments of the homeless population, with 34% of the total homeless population composed of families.”

The Journal of Adolescent Health determined that young homeless women who are pregnant are more likely to:

  • Be diagnosed as depressed
  • Have previously attempted suicide
  • Have history of sexual and physical abuse
  • Be diagnosed as drug abusing

Because homeless mothers are less likely to receive prenatal care, their “infants…[have] lower birth rates, longer hospital stays, and [are] more likely to receive neonatal care.” (Coalition for the Homeless)

These statistics are staggering but fortunately, there are organizations in our communities providing love and support for these women in need.


Changing the Status Quo

Alpha House of Tampa Logo

One organization working ardently to help homeless women is Alpha House of Tampa Inc. Founded in 1981, this organization has a mission to offer homeless pregnant women and mothers with young children safe housing, counseling, and the tools they need to become self-sufficient, responsible parents.

Ranked #4 in the Tampa Bay area by Charity Navigator, Alpha House is a comprehensive residential program serving an average of 100 homeless pregnant and parenting women and their infants each year. The organization has a client-centered model that is designed to achieve outcomes such as:

  • Healthy births
  • Improving the mother’s ability to become and remain employed
  • Securing safe housing upon mothers leaving the program

These objectives are constantly met because Alpha House assigns case managers to each mother to help develop and implement family tailored goals that may include things like employment, education, and financial management tools.

Alpha House also has housing search services to help mothers find appropriate housing. The organization provides a Moving Essentials course which includes available community programs, budget counseling, and customized goals to ensure that each mother maintains stability after leaving the program.

These robust programs help women like Ally.


A Success Story

Photo of Ally graduating high schoolAlly was kicked out of her mother’s house at 17 when she became pregnant. She arrived at Alpha House homeless, with limited job opportunities, and struggling to care for 2-year-old son.

After Moving into Alpha House, she was able to begin looking for work and soon landed a job at Taco Bell. She has been given outstanding feedback by her employer and is currently preparing for the GED exam. Her son is in pre-school and is also doing well! Learn more about Ally’s story.


Join the Cause!

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