No Doors, Lots of Glass

Matthew Combs June 26, 2015 About YourCause

Having been named a “Top 100 Places to Work – Dallas” company, I have recently been asked by a number of people:  “What’s it like to work at YourCause?”  It is a completely valid question, though one to which I find myself struggling to give a well-formed answer.

You see, I’ve never really given a lot of thought to what it’s like to work at YourCause.  I don’t see this as work,  rather  I see what we’re doing as the ongoing pursuit of a pretty unique and special project that I set out to complete back in 2008.  It’s the pursuit of something much larger than simple employment, and, if accomplished, will have a far greater effect on this world than most all other ‘normal jobs.‘ In short, it is the pursuit of a passion whereby the idea of ‘work’ simply goes unmentioned.

So perhaps the better question is:  “What’s it like to be a part of the pursuit?”   I think I might be able to shed some light on that!

From day one of YourCause, I sought to find a way to utilize technology (a huge interest of mine) to positively change our world (and actually do it – not just talk about “making a difference” like so many companies do), all while making an actual business that can sustain itself (i.e.: not lose a bunch of investor money).  The challenge is incredibly difficult, as it can really only be done within a few very specific industries – though the reward to those who are able figure it out is enormous!

The enormity of the reward is not necessarily measured in dollars and cents, or by the fiscal success of the business, but rather measured in terms of peace of mind, pride, gratification, and the satisfaction in knowing that the actions taken every day at YourCause are changing the lives millions of others throughout the world.  It defies the business norm and proves that doing good can actually happen outside of generic corporate philanthropy and formulaic check writing.  That, right there, is the pursuit currently underway at YourCause.  That’s what’s really going on around here.

The people that have joined in the effort to make this pursuit a reality are truly what define the day-to-day at YourCause.  From the beginning, I have always believed in supporting everyone who is a part of what we are doing to be entrepreneurial, open-minded, smart, creative and effective in pushing YourCause forward.  I’ve preached the value of teamwork, respect, collaboration, and involvement – though have always sought to deliver this in a hands-off, independent, and supportive atmosphere.   I’ve prided myself on encouraging everyone on our team to push forward with their individual ideas and thoughts (so long as they contribute to the broader vision of what we’re trying to do), and then doing whatever I can to motivate and encourage them to maximize their potential.

I’ve always believed that transparency is the best leadership approach, both with all employees as well as clients, and I have been 100% transparent in everything we do since day one at YourCause.  Everyone on our team knows our strategy, our metrics, our challenges and more, and so do our clients.  We not only air our dirty laundry through our transparency, but we use such transparency to motivate ourselves to get better and showcase our improvement with our clients along the way.    No doors, lots of glass.  That’s YourCause.

I don’t know if what I have put in place is right or wrong.  I have no clue if my approach will end up backfiring on me as we continue to grow larger and larger.  But I don’t know any other way.  When you’re in pursuit of your passion, finding a way to progress is all you think about – with very little thought given to conforming to the norm.

And so far, something seems to be working – as I’m not working.  I’m just in pursuit.