Little Big Deal: YourCause Employees Give Back with iPads

Erin Elliott November 29, 2017 About YourCause

Sometimes it can be hard to see the direct impact of the work we are doing here at YourCause. Any given day when you walk into our office you see:

  • People sitting at their computers typing away
  • The Tech Team having their morning stand up meetings
  • A gathering of people in the kitchen trying to make coffee as quickly as they can before their next client call or meeting


YourCause employees working at their desks.


The finance team that I am apart of is often even more removed from the work; I can’t write code for our product and wouldn’t have much to say if I was asked to demo our product. Yet our product is responsible for empowering companies to donate over $1.3 billion and 23 million hours volunteered.

While this is an incredible contribution, there are times when YourCause employees come together to deliver tangible impact in people’s lives. This is one of those stories.


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The Challenge

Although I have been at YourCause for over two years, my past life was spent working in urban education. Recently an old colleague and dear friend, Brinda Tahiliani, a High School History teacher at New Mission High School in Boston, MA, reached out to me with a goal to raise enough money so her classroom could be outfitted with iPads and keyboards.

Brinda was starting her 10th year in the Boston Public School system and had very little resources because the school was in an underserved community. Up to that point, she was printing out her assignments for her high school students on a weekly basis. She wanted to give her students access to technology, to not only reduce her carbon footprint but also give them exposure to tools that would help them prepare for the digital workforce.


The Rallying Cry

Technology is something we often take for granted. Our fancy computers and snazzy software allow us to work faster and smarter, but not everyone has access.

Twenty years ago it would have been impossible to imagine that something as small as an iPad would have such a big impact in the lives of students and workers.

So when Brinda sent out a request for help, I knew I wanted to contribute. And I also knew my amazing tech-savvy colleagues would be interested as well. So, I presented the details at a company-wide All-Hands meeting:

  • Brinda teaches in a large, financially disadvantaged, urban district with little to no resources.
  • These students were at a huge disadvantage when it comes to technology, so she wanted to close that gap.
  • $30,000 would get iPads and accessories for her classroom.

The results were amazing. My colleagues not only donated enough money to purchase keyboards but used their tech-smarts to purchase all the accessories they needed for the iPads. Brinda was over the moon ecstatic, and could not believe the overwhelming support that came from our little company for her big project.


Students using ipads in the classroom.



It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference for others. It could be something as small as raising funds for iPads or something on a larger scale like a workplace giving campaign at your company. But it’s the individual contributions of people that snowball to create a big impact. Sometimes the little things can turn out to be a big deal.

It could be a 111 person tech company providing CSR employee engagement solutions for CSR or it can be a group of co-workers helping out a teacher in one classroom, sometimes the little things can turn out to be a big deal.


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