An Excellent Learning Opportunity

Cassandra Bennett August 3, 2015 About YourCause

Jenn Bliss has developed a number of valuable skills since her first day at YourCause. We sat down with Jenn, Account Manager at YourCause, and asked her three questions about how the company has impacted her overall professionalism and experience. Check out what Jenn had to say:


1. What’s one thing you’ve learned professionally while working at YourCause? 

YourCause has provided an excellent learning opportunity, I have developed my skills and experience in numerous different ways. While I have always considered myself an excellent problem solver I have come across many complex problem solving situations at YourCause. Rather than getting by on the bare minimum YourCause taught me to proactively shape my environment. Through problem solving I have improved my skills on excel, which I use on a day-to-day basis and I have learned the importance of leadership, teamwork, creativity, persistence and continuous improvement.


2. What is your favorite event or activity hosted by YourCause and why?

The YourCause Holiday party is incomparable to any other Holiday party, however, my favorite event so far was making sack lunches for the homeless with YourCause kids. This event allowed us not only to work together as a team to provide lunches for those less fortunate, but we were able to meet the “little ones” that you hear co workers talk about on a daily basis. We had the opportunity to share a small piece of the bigger picture with our co worker’s children.


3. What 3 words would you use to describe the culture at YourCause and why?

I would describe the culture at YourCause as enthusiastic, passionate and supportive. The employee enthusiasm at YourCause is undeniable. We get excited about new coffee flavors, new bean bags to sit on, YourCause birthdays, YourCause athletic events, the list goes on and on. Most importantly though, we get excited  about our own product. During our weekly meetings we receive updates from our tech team about product features that are being added or updated. More than likely, you will hear someone say “Yes!” or “Awesome!” under their breath. In some cases, you may even hear someone shout because they are so excited. The enthusiasm that is YourCause is a direct correlation to the passion that is almost tangible in the office. Even though everyone has a different passion or cause that is near and dear to them, we all come together on a daily basis and work towards our passion of making a difference in the world. The foundation of the YourCause culture is the support system in the office. The term “work family” is taken to a new level at YourCause. The support system is not divided by teams, department or how long you have been with the company. Anyone will help anyone. Teams are constantly working together to find the right solution. The support does not stop once you leave the office. We supports our coworkers in athletic events, personal achievements, natural disasters and anything in between. The enthusiasm, passion and support you will find at YourCause cannot be beat.