Is There Software That Can Automate Giving Levels, Thank You's and Receipts?

Randy McCabe October 8, 2012 Nonprofits

Q:  How does your software use business rules to automate processes such as giving levels (first time donor, major donor, silver/gold/platinum membership) and automatically generate thank you emails and donation receipts?

A:  Orange Leap has customizable business rules to automate the complicated processes associated with accepting gifts and keeping in touch with your constituents. For instance, when a gift is entered into the system, it’s critical to proper stewardship to determine if that gift qualifies the constituent to receive recognition, specialized communications, or premiums.

Orange Leap furnishes the intelligence to customize the way the system tracks your constituents – so it conforms to just the way your organization naturally wants to do it.  For instance, it automatically tallies a gift within the donor’s profiles and calculates – in real time – in which segment the donor properly belongs without requiring manual entry and report generation – eliminating the opportunity for error and oversights.  It can also provide automated support to reach our to lapsed donors – donors who haven’t given in a certain period of time – automatically guiding outreach designed to reactivate their interest and donations.

Orange Leap allows you to ‘bake in’ your organization’s processes and business rules, so you don’t need to worry about losing invaluable institutional knowledge if key employees get sick, retire, quit, or get promoted out of their position.  It means Orange Leap intelligently and accurately keeps information up-to-date and available in real time.  It also means that it is easier for volunteers to use and it prevents errors and disruptions that can attend staff turnover.