Increasing Donations through Targeted Fundraising: East West Ministries International Grows with Orange Leap

Randy McCabe July 15, 2013 Nonprofits

In the past seven years East West Ministries International ( has grown from $3 million in revenue to $12 million in revenue.  During the same timeframe donations have increased from 700/month to 2000/month.  East West Ministries International enjoyed this increase with minimal staff growth (the accounting staff grew from three to five).

Most nonprofit organizations would gladly see similar results within their organization.  East West credits Orange Leap MPX Constituent Relationship Management solution as a crucial ingredient in both increasing dollars raised and keeping staffing levels relatively flat.

Development Director Kristen Shuler reports that Orange Leap has saved her time due to ease of use yet provides the functionality she needs to segment audiences, keep detailed information on donors, and easy constituent and gift entry.

“With Orange Leap we have a much greater ability to store a wider variety of data than we had with our previous solution,” said Shuler.  “As a result of the ability to target messages to specific audiences, we’ve raised more dollars.”

Director of IT Gary Ellis remembers all of the challenges East-West had with their previous system; its cumbersome gift entry process, limited coding options and complicated process to move gifts into the accounting software.

“We selected Orange Leap because no other solution had anything close to the same capabilities,” said Ellis.  “It’s a dedicated donor management systems that allows us to collect information that we couldn’t collect before; it has greatly streamlined gift entry process; we have much more expanded gift coding options, and it seamlessly integrates with our fund accounting solution (Sage Fund Accounting formerly MIP).”

East-West executes multiple fundraising campaigns throughout the year including major events, matching campaigns, direct mail, missionary appeal, year-end giving and regular newsletters.

The mission of East-West is to seek to glorify God by building His Kingdom on earth and “compelled to complete this mission, we journey into some of the world’s most restricted and highly persecuted areas to tell of Jesus Christ and His redeeming grace.”