Increase Online Giving at 2X the National Average: Non-Cash Online Giving Made Easy

Randy McCabe September 10, 2014 Nonprofits

It’s staggering to consider the amount of stuff the average American household has accumulated. This stuff has value and many Americans would love the opportunity to make a donation rather than a trip to the dumpster.

The problem is liquidating stuff into cash for your mission.

Most Executive Directors and Development Directors would love to be able to snap their fingers and transform stuff into funds. While snapping your fingers may not work – a mouse click will, if you’re connecting with iDonate.

In this webcast attendees will see:

Statistics on the average American household and the stuff it contains
Ways to help your constituents and new donors divest their stuff and invest in your mission
How you can benefit from a non-cash gift without the hassle of finding a broker or buyer