Inc. Magazine Names YourCause As One of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Cassandra Bennett August 13, 2015 News

YourCause, the provider of CSRconnect Employee Engagement Solutions, has released the results of its first quarter customer service metrics. For the first three months of 2015, the user satisfaction rating climbed to 90%, while first response times improved by 55%, and overall ticket resolution times were 50% faster than the industry average.   The release of such results highlight the company’s ongoing commitment to deliver above-industry standard in customer service and YourCause’s ongoing interest in maintaining full transparency for all clients utilizing the CSRconnect platform.

“At YourCause, we understand that if we do not provide stellar user support for the corporate citizens (employees) and nonprofit organizations that use our platform, we run the risk of not supporting someone trying to achieve their cause, “ explained Odessa Jenkins, Director of Client Services. “Each Customer Advocate team member lives and breathes this philosophy, which is why we all work hard to exceed expectations through effective and efficient customer care.”

Above industry average statics are achieved by a daily focus on the YourCause Three Q Customer Care Method: Quality, Quantity and Question:

Quality is enforced by the adoption and implementation of an internal quality program. The program uses both qualitative and quantitative evaluation techniques to ensure optimal performance.

Quantity of customer-to-customer advocates is consistently evaluated to ensure that capacity is in line with volume.

Question what the YourCause Customer Advocate team thinks they know, and regularly evaluate all internal processes and people.

The YourCause Three Q Customer Care Method was designed to challenge the internal knowledge of all YourCause team members, help all employees learn through evaluation and to resolve any found pain points expeditiously.

On June 1st, YourCause will release the second annual customer satisfaction survey. The survey is an annual questionnaire sent to all YourCause clients to gain insights into the level of satisfaction experienced through their assigned Account Manager and respective Customer Advocate Team, YourCause leadership, as well as the Product and Services Team. Upon completion of the survey, the results will again be used to drive future road map items and service focus areas, and will continue to be analyzed quarterly against key customer service metrics

“Satisfaction with our product is rooted in the service, engagement and education being provided to the users and nonprofit partners. I expect to hear that our customers are happy and satisfied as a result of the performance by our Customer Advocacy Team.” said Odessa Jenkins.  “We are continually seeking to improve our overall delivery, but the first quarter results are pointing to the fact that the improvements that have been made to date are working.”