The Global Goals Gateway

Our first step in promoting IMPACT 2030 to our partners is a tool for nonprofits called The Global Goals Gateway.

This tool allows organizations the ability to declare which of the Sustainable Development Goals that their organization supports. The Global Goals Gateway even gives NPOs the ability to break down the percentages of dollars and volunteer hours attributed towards each SDG. This is the first tool of its kind, and it’s only the beginning.

Future updates will integrate this data into the YourCause CSR platform to allow companies and their employees to search for nonprofits based on specific SDGs.

YourCause believes strongly in the collaborative effort of the Global Goals, and with your help we can achieve real progress by 2030. If you are a nonprofit, sign in to NPOconnect to declare your organization’s support for IMPACT 2030 now!


Impact 2030 and the 17 Global Goals

The Global Goals are philanthropic targets agreed upon by the United Nations in 2016 to be achieved by the year 2030. They paint a picture of a better world by being specific, actionable, and relevant. All are achievable with the participation of nonprofits, donors, volunteers, companies, and employees from around the world.

IMPACT 2030 is a philanthropic collaboration between companies, employees, and nonprofits (NPOs) around the world all aligned towards the Global Goals, also called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The purpose of IMPACT 2030 is to align companies and their employee volunteer efforts with the Global Goals, advance the practice of employee volunteering, and to create real and sustainable change.

We radically support this effort and are proud to be the first CSR company building features into our platform to make it simple for nonprofits and companies to support IMPACT 2030.

Global Goals All


If there is a specific goal that speaks to you or your company, take action.  Check out the Global Goals resource center which includes media assets to share your support for specific goals. Please help spread the word for the Global Goals at your organization. This video gives an overview of the goals:

IMPACT 2030 Recent Posts

Stay up to date on IMPACT 2030 with articles published by YourCause. We are always striving to raise awareness and move the Sustainable Development Goals forward, so please share.


YourCause employees supporting the Global Goals.
YourCause employees supporting the Global Goals.